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Howard Stern DEFENDS Trump’s CNN Town Hall: ‘Interesting and Entertaining’

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Now here’s a defense I never expected to hear! Radio personality Howard Stern actually defended former President Donald Trump’s town hall on CNN last week as “an interesting thing to watch.”

Not only that, he went on to suggest that CNN should stage similar events with other GOP presidential candidates.

“I don’t know, I thought it was f–king — really f–king interesting and entertaining,” he said during hist Monday broadcast of “The Howard Stern Show.”

“Everyone had their t-ts in a twist over Trump being on there [CNN], and the audience was like laughing and, you know, cheering him on, and a lot of people got upset about it,” Stern continued.

“I’m pretty sure anybody who didn’t like Trump hated him even more after that,” he said, noting that Trump’s “fans love him.”

Stern added that it was “an interesting thing to watch.”

He then urged the struggling media network to give other 2024 GOP nominees the chance to come on stage, such as Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley.

“They should have all the candidates if they want,” Stern said before criticizing CNN’s live audience during the town hall, which was compromised of Republicans and undecided voters.

“I thought it was really weird when they were laughing at the woman who just won a sexual assault case. I thought that was really f–king strange,” Stern asserted, in reference to E. Jean Carroll being awarded $5 million for sexual abuse and defamation after she filed a federal suit against Trump, whom she claims raped her in the 1990’s.

Stern continued, “Some of those people in the audience looked a little bizarre, if you know what I mean. Like, maybe one or two had some issues at birth, but I don’t know.”

So, is he stating that they just picked strange people for the audience or is he claiming that Republican voters are bizarre with birth defects? Comments unclear.

Either way, it was still surprising to hear Howard Stern defend Trump’s town hall, since so many others were up in arms about it.

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