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Pence Argues Trump’s Medicare, Social Security Policies ‘Identical to Joe Biden’s’

On Thursday, former Vice President Mike Pence appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” and argued that former President Donald Trump’s policy on Medicare and Social Security, if he is re-elected in 2024, is the same policy as President Joe Biden.

FNC host Larry Kudlow said, “You noted that President Trump was a big spender. You disagree with him on entitlements. You say we’ve gotta tackle Medicare. We’re gonna have to tackle Social Security. What were you getting at?”

Pence replied, “Look, our administration could’ve done a better job controlling domestic spending. I fully supported what we did in rebuilding our military after years of budget cutbacks.

I supported emergency relief during COVID for families and for businesses that propped up our economy. But between there, Larry, we could have done better.

And most important of all, we could’ve begun a national debate for dealing with the real driver of our national debt which is 70% of our federal budget as you know, which is entitlements.”

He added, “Sadly, my former running mate’s policy is identical to Joe Biden’s, and other Republicans are walking away from a commitment to entitlement reform. I think we’ve gotta be honest with the American people.”

Perhaps Pence is taking shots at Trump because he plans to run in the 2024 presidential election.

New York Times reports:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is expected to soon declare a long-shot campaign for the White House against the president under whom he served, pitching himself as a “classical conservative” who would return the Republican Party to its pre-Trump roots, according to people close to Mr. Pence.

Mr. Pence is working to carve out space in the Republican primary field by appealing to evangelicals, adopting a hard-line position in support of a federal abortion ban, promoting free trade and pushing back against Republican efforts to police big business on ideological grounds.

He faces significant challenges, trails far behind in the polls and has made no effort to channel the populist energies overtaking the Republican Party.

In a sign his campaign will be announced in the coming weeks, a pro-Pence super PAC called Committed to America is being set up.

A veteran Republican operative, Scott Reed, who ran Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign and was the longtime top political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will lead the group alongside Jeb Hensarling, a close friend of Mr. Pence’s who served with him in Congress.

He can run all he wants. However, I don’t think badmouthing his former White House mate will get him very far.

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