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Wanda Sykes: Cancel Culture Criticism Just ‘Men Pissed They Can’t Say Things’

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Comedian Wanda Sykes reacted to comedy Kevin Hart expressing anxiety over cancel culture and comedy’s overly “political” climate.

She claimed that criticism of cancel culture is merely  “straight men pissed that can’t say things any more.”

Sykes told the Guardian, “To me, the whole complaint about cancel culture is a lot of men — especially straight men — who are just pissed that they can’t say things any more, y’know?”

“And it’s not like you can’t say these things. You can say them, but now there’s just consequences,” she said, adding that only God can cancel her.

“So that’s why I say I can’t get cancelled. Only God can say: ‘All right, Wanda, that’s enough,’” the comedian joked.

During her Netflix special, I’m an Entertainer, Sykes reportedly squats down and mimes pulling a tampon out from between her legs. She then swings the imaginary sanitary product around her head like a lasso, and says, “I welcome my trans sisters into the ladies’ room.”

“Maybe you’ll make us do better, y’know?” she adds.

Sykes was commenting on what the Guardian referred to as the “transphobic moral panic” over biological men entering women’s restrooms.

“These spaces that people are freaking out about admitting trans women to — they’re not exactly the most pleasant places in the world,” the Guardian‘s Ellen Jones wrote.

Sykes also claims during her Netflix special that black people cannot be “weird” due to fear of being murdered.

It’s ironic that she claims criticism only comes from straight men when I, along with numerous other women I know, criticize the toxic, woke cancel culture mentality.

Kevin Hart isn’t the first, nor the last, comedian to be concerned about getting cancelled.

For example, actor and comedian David Spade warned in 2021 that wokeness is killing comedy because, “One wrong move and you’re canceled.”

In 2021, Dave Chapelle also lamented that “cancel culture shit bothers me,” and blasted “fake woketivists” who work to censor their opposition.

Cancel culture is literally just people looking to be offended about anything they do not agree with.

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