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Tucker Carlson on Twitter’s Episode 3 Is On Fire And Snowflakes are Melting

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Tucker Carlson fans have recently been celebrating the success of his new show, which has gained immense popularity on Twitter. In the third episode alone, it has reached more than 89 million views, with his second and first episodes gaining 57 million and 116 million views respectively.

During this episode, Carlson argued that Washington elites are attempting to take out former President Donald Trump due to his anti-war views.

As Carlson put it: “Trump is the one individual with a chance at winning the presidency who dissents from Washington’s long-standing pointless war agenda. And for that, that one fact, they’re trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him.”

This sentiment was echoed by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk who described Carlson’s monologue as “bold” and went on to criticize the military-industrial complex and its “lobbying power far higher than it should be.”

This prompted many conservatives to express their support for both Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump against what they see as a hostile Washington establishment whose values are antithetical to those of conservative Republican ideology.

The success of Tucker’s latest show serves as a reminder of how powerful an impact conservative media can have in influencing public opinion about current events.

It also highlights how important it is for conservatives to continue creating content that challenges mainstream narratives while championing their own values. In doing so, they can ensure that their voices are heard – no matter how strong the opposition may be.

Elon Musk described Tucker Carlson’s latest Twitter monologue as “bold.” In a follow-up tweet, he elaborated, apparently indicating that Carlson’s remarks represented a bold “attack on the military-industrial complex. The lobbying power of large government contractors is far higher than it should be for the good of the people,” Musk wrote.

“Once again, I’d like to offer this platform to anyone on the left. You will get equal treatment,” he has also tweeted.

When retweeting Carlson’s second episode last week, Musk noted that he would like to see Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow do shows on Twitter.

“It’d be great to have @maddow, @donlemon & others on the left put their shows on this platform. No exclusivity or legal docs required! You will receive our full support. The digital town square is for all,” Musk wrote.



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