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France Has Fallen: Patriots Raided, Internet Censored, Police Union Threatens “Tomorrow We Will Be in Resistance” Against “Savage Hordes”

On Monday night, 72 people were arrested and 159 vehicles were set alight as the riots persisted. Last night, 202 fires were lit on roads and 24 buildings burned. Four police stations were attacked.

In response to these events, French President Emmanuel Macron is slated to meet with mayors from 220 towns affected by the unrest today.

A police station in Châtelet district of Rouen was torched as local residents recorded the rioters in fear.

A GoFundMe campaign launched by right-wing commentator Jean Messiha in support of police officer Florian M., accused of “voluntary homicide” following an incident last week in Nanterre, France involving 17-year-old gang member Nahel M., has raised almost €1.5 million.

In response to the protests, the French government is taking steps to suppress right-wing militias and citizens attempting to protect their communities, as well as censoring online content to prevent images of the most serious race riots on European soil from being shared.

Violent clashes between patriots and rioters have taken place recently in Angers on the Loire River in western France.

In Angers, the Right-Wing Students’ Association (Rassemblement des Ètudiants de Droite – RED) gathered at their Alvarium café drove off about 50 masked hoodlums who came to attack them.

In Chambéry in southeastern France, local patriots chanted, “Wake Up, France, this is your home!”

Also in Chambéry, rioters threw a Molotov cocktail at Frenchmen defending their neighborhood.

The French police’s decision to use tear gas against militia patrols in Lyon and conduct raids at the homes of rightwing activists instead of supporting the local patriots raised questions for many observers.

Bastien Rondeau-Frimas, assistant to MEP and Reconquête party vice-chair Nicolas Bay, spoke with Generation Identity activist Martin Sellner (English starts at 24:00) about why the police were instructed not to crack down on protests out of fear of “escalation.”

“Of course a strong leader like Éric Zémmour could crush this very easily. The police have been ordered to not do that much because they “don’t want to add fuel to the fire”.

The orders from the government are explicit: We don’t want you to fight this, we just want you to secure Hell. They believe if the cops would act, it would explode”, Frimas said.

Frimas contrasted this to the violent police reaction to the Yellow Vest protests that began in 2018.

“The police responded with an excessive use of force, firing non-lethal weapons directly at people. The same people who were rioting then are now engaging in similar acts in cities across France, while the police simply monitor their activities. Rather than taking steps to disperse them, they appear content to allow these acts of civil disobedience and destruction to continue unchecked.”

French authorities have recently taken a hard stance against young patriots who are fighting back against the state, Frimas noted.

“In Angers, homes were searched by police on suspicion of involvement in anti-state activity. In Lyon, a group of patriots peacefully protested and were quickly dispersed by law enforcement personnel.”

Moreover, Frimas highlighted attempts by French authorities to censor social media coverage of riots taking place throughout the country.

“They are attempting to impose a full blackout and remove evidence from Twitter so that city center residents only receive news from mainstream media sources which do not accurately reflect what is happening around them.”

Twitter has now limited the reach of verified and unverified accounts. Photo journalists attempting to document the riots were attacked by police.

“I think not many of the French realize how bad it was,” Frimas said. “Cops and prison guards were hunted in the streets.” The home addresses of police officers and prison guards were doxxed and officers threatened at home, Frimas said. A Nanterre prison guard was allegedly chased on the streets and robbed.

The French police unions Alliance Police Nationale and UNSA issued a statement protesting the government response as well; “In the face of these savage hordes, calling for calm is not enough, we need to impose it, to re-establish order in the republic and put those arrested beyond where they can act up,” the statement read. “Today the police are in combat because we are at war, tomorrow we will be in resistance and the government should realize that.”

Jordan Bardella, head of Marine LePen’s Rassemblement national (RN) party, called to “suspend welfare payments to parents of repeat offenders when there is clear evidence of neglect”. The leader of the right-wing Reconquête party Éric Zémmour said that “Parents are responsible for 13-year-old children, we can suspend their welfare benefits.”

Zémmour has called the violence a “race war” and an “invasion in our midst”. Writing in Le Figaro, French Canadian pundit Mathieu Bock-Côté said “This is not a civil war – it is an invasion.”

“We are all in the same boat,” Frimas said. “It’s happening in all our contries. We have to stick together. If this happens to the French, it will happen to the Germans, to the Austrians, the Italians and the Swedes.just because we are Europeams. They don’t hate French. They hate Whites. It’s the same as in the US.”

A video emerged showing the 17-year-old “police victim Nahel M. riding “Fast and Furious” style on a motorcycle:

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