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Gun Grabber, David Hogg Gets Shredded On Twitter By Roseanne Barr

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Last week, after Senator Mitch McConnell paused in the middle of a press conference and was helped away from the podium due to an apparent brain malfunction, Harvard University gun grabber David Hogg posted on social media about what he perceived as right-wing bias in corporate media.

This post drew criticism from conservative figures, including Roseanne Barr, who jokingly nominated it for display in the Smithsonian Institution. Other commenters piled into the replies to express their views on Hogg’s post.

Hogg posted that “the right wing bias of corporate media is nuts” and that if Joe Biden had done the same thing, it would have been covered nonstop for two weeks.

“If Biden did what Mitch did today the media would be covering non stop for the next two weeks. But because it’s a Republican it’s like nothing ever happened,” Hogg posted on the social media site formerly known as Twitter. “The right-wing bias of corporate media is nuts.”

However, unlike McConnell’s one-off occurrence, Biden’s age-related handicaps have necessitated a major change in boarding procedures for Air Force One. Additionally, there was no mention of 90-year-old Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein having to be told how to vote recently after running into some confusion.

This lack of awareness and double standard were not overlooked by conservative personality Roseanne Barr who responded with her own thoughts on both Hogg’s post and its author: “This tweet should be in the Smithsonian…The lack of awareness, the lack of shame, the double standard…Amazing. Absolute 10/10”.


Unfortunately for Hogg, it seems if his posts keep coming he’ll only get more of this biting criticism in return.

After the thrashing he’s being given online and the spectacular failure of his MyPillow competitor, we’re not sure how much more Hogg can take.

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