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Kellyanne Rips Estranged Husband as ‘Twitter-Famous For Attacking His Wife’

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Kellyanne and George Conway, an estranged couple formerly married for 15 years, have recently announced their divorce.

There is a great deal of speculation behind the divorce announcement due to its timing in relation to former President Donald Trump’s term in office.

While both parties have yet to release a formal statement as to the cause of their split, many people are attributing it to the fact that George Conway has been a vocal critic of Trump for years — even when his wife was serving as White House advisor during Trump’s presidency.

The tension between them only seemed to increase after George praised the Supreme Court’s ruling in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, which considered affirmative action programs at universities across America and decided that race could not be the sole factor in college admissions decisions.

“I despise squeezing human beings into checkboxes. You should too. There are days when progressive apocalypticism approaches the level of Trumpist apocalypticism, and this day is one of them,” George Conway tweeted.

This prompted Elie Mystal, a far-left figure, to tweet “Happy ‘George Conway is not your friend’ Day for all who observe. It happens right around this time in June every go**amn year.”

Kellyanne Conway then responded to Mystal by tweeting: “Attacking @gtconway3d for agreeing with #SupremeCourt that it’s unconstitutional to consider race in college admissions is especially rich,” she argued.

“George is Asian, a product of public schools, accepted to Harvard at 16, Yale Law School at 20, made partner at top law firm at 30, not a nepo baby, immigrant mother & non-college degree father, he paid off his student loans, checked no box, asked for no special preferences.”

Their daughter Claudia addressed her parents’ Twitter exchange saying, “So much class, so much slay”.


George Conway also addressed his critics by professing to “love all of you” except for Donald Trump, who he said he’d nevertheless be “willing to visit” in prison.

This led to Kellyanne offering him some advice in a follow-up:

Don’t grovel to the bullies, George, incl. your @MSNBC TV bros & “Twitter ‘friends’” (itself an oxymoron) now attacking you.

They feted you into the 24/7 Trump Derangement Syndrome Cult & want you for one big reason (hint: it’s not Corgis).

When you dare venture out into your actual expertise & make ppl think about the Constitution beyond their personal politics & pettiness, they lash out. Sad? For sure. Worth the cost? Highly doubtful.

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