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Fox News Personalities Questioning Ron DeSantis After His “Listless Vessels” Comment

In a recent interview, Governor DeSantis of Florida made some comments about Trump supporters that have raised eyebrows.

He referred to them as “listless vessels” and the comparison has been drawn to Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” moment.

Ron DeSantis has had an impressive record as a Florida politician, but he is currently struggling to make headway with the general electorate.

While few politicians have been granted such supportive conditions for success, his lack of political acumen is becoming increasingly evident as he continues to alienate potential voters through attacks and mocking.

In response, a panel on FOX News piled on the governor for his words.

Charlie Hurt: It’s so frustrating because Ron DeSantis has such a tremendous record to run on. There’s so much promise for him, but he is really failing.

Like, we have seen few politicians with so much going in their direction fail as badly as he is failing. He’s not very good at politics. It’s appearing. And the biggest tell is when you go after the voters that you’re supposed to win over and you attack them and you mock them.

Tommy Lahren: Moving forward on this DeSantis comment, it was not a good comment to make, and I’m sure he is kicking himself, and I’m sure he wishes he could rephrase it.

Now, what I heard him say is maybe a kernel of the truth. And I’ll tell you what I believe he was trying to get across, and he failed at it. I think what he was trying to say is this I am not a RINO simply because I am running against Donald Trump. I think that’s what he wanted to say and I think further what he wanted to say where he messed up horribly with the listless vessels comment and it rings like a deplorable.

Is what he should have said is listen, I understand that you follow Trump because you love him and you love his policies and you see what’s going on with him and you see the indictments and the sham and the witch hunt.

However, we need to look beyond that and just what we’re talking about with all of the circus of chaos and indictments and understand that we as a movement have to be durable. We have to live beyond Donald Trump, and we have to have the America First policies be our bedrock.

Raymond Arroyo: The fact is, when you’re 40% down on the other guy’s movement, you need chunks of that movement to be competitive and to win by alienating them this way.

Basically, what Ron DeSantis has done here and Charlie, you’re right. Incredible record, incredible family, a smart guy. Let’s say that as a precursor. But to consign yourself to Chris Christieville this early in the race I think is a very bad move.

Bad move, Ron!

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