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President Trump, 18 Defendants Could Sue Georgia DA Willis For “Malicious Prosecution”

As the fourth indictment against President Trump is underway, legal professionals and self-proclaimed attorneys nationwide are speculating about his defense.

However, Chanel Rion of One America News suggested that it may be time for Trump and the other 18 defendants to take a proactive stance against potential malicious prosecution from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

As evidenced by the legal framework in place in Georgia, whereby prosecutors and members of law enforcement can be held accountable for false arrests, false imprisonment, abusive litigation, and malicious prosecution, it appears that this district attorney—backed by George Soros—may have been targeting President Trump long before concocting a case against him.

According to Justia:

A criminal prosecution which is carried on maliciously and without any probable cause and which causes damage to the person prosecuted shall give him a cause of action.

The timing of this case is critical. Trump’s defense must demonstrate that Willis and the state deliberately targeted Trump ahead of primary season in order to sabotage his presidential campaign.

Even if it continues for four more years, there is evidence that this was politically motivated rather than a legitimate effort to uphold justice, especially considering the nature of the charges.

If Trump’s legal team and those representing the other defendants act quickly, they may be able to win the case and hold the corrupt District Attorney liable for their actions.

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