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Kidnappers Caught By Truck Driver, Rescues “Approximately 15” Children

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In a deeply unsettling incident, Michael, a vigilant truck driver, proved himself to be a hero by alerting authorities. He had been parked in a rest area off I-10 in a border state when he noticed a pick-up truck pull up nearby.

The man and woman proceeded to unlock a padlocked cage beneath the tarp in the back of the truck, releasing several children from within.

The truck driver’s video footage revealed that the kidnappers were observed escorting the children in and out of a restroom at the rest stop before confining them once more in the cage.

“I’m sitting at a rest area. This truck pulls up, opens up the back. It’s like a cage-looking thing… That guy and this lady have a whole bunch of kids in the back of that truck… And then they take the padlock off, raise the tarp, and all these kids come out the back, and they’re forcing them into the bathroom,” Michael said.

“When they coming back out, they were pushing the kids back in there, locked them back in there, and pulled the f-cking tarp down.”

The truck driver’s instincts were heightened as he observed the children being forced into a bathroom and subsequently locked in padlocked cages under a tarp in the back of the pick-up truck. Realising that something was amiss, he decided to contact emergency services by dialling 911.

“I called 911… I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not real big on calling the cops, but when it comes to kids and their safety and with all this human trafficking and all this crap going on in the world, not cool. So I call the cops just to be on the safe side,” Michael added.

The truck driver describes how the kidnappers started to take off when they saw him on the phone.

“They see me on the phone. They’re watching me in the mirror the whole time. They f-cking take off,” said Michael.

“The cops on the phone with me told me to follow them as close as you can, as much as you can until we get units out,” he said. Despite not being able to keep up with the fleeing vehicle due to his truck’s limitations, he managed to provide valuable information that enabled law enforcement to locate and stop the kidnappers.

“They finally caught up to them because I couldn’t keep up with them. My truck only goes seven. They catch up to them, they pull them over,” Michael recounted. Child services were subsequently called to the scene.


In an interview with Mutha Trucker, Michael reported that approximately 15 children were confined in the cage.

“In the article, it said that you thought you saw, like, three or four kids, and then they didn’t really give a number. But was it more than ten because they made it sound like it was a lot.”

“It was about 15, I would say,” Michael said.


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