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Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?

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When the corporate media raised questions regarding the IRS’ need for automatic weapons, millions of rounds of ammunition, and staff trained in the use of force, the response was that these items were obtained for administrative reasons.

As Congress and states remain idle on this matter, the weaponization and militarization of federal government forces carry on uninterrupted.

For at least the past decade, the IRS has been amassing a large weapons cache, which includes 4,487 firearms and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition.

As reported by Forbes on August 8th 2022 in an article titled “Inflation Reduction Act Unleashes A Tougher IRS”, this armament is more powerful than what citizens are legally allowed to possess.

Armored vehicles, flash-bang grenades loaded with tear gas and .40-caliber submachine guns are among the items in their inventory.

This raises questions as to why a federal agency such as the IRS would need to be militarized to this extent.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article:

“The Schumer-Manchin tax bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate on Sunday, raises taxes and will give the IRS billions to go into what the Wall Street Journal called ‘beast mode.’”

The video below by Mark Gifford, a pastor from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, who runs the God Family and Guns YouTube channel, explains why this militarization is taking place.

In recent years, the IRS has significantly increased its purchases of guns and ammunition, spending nearly $700,000 on ammo in early 2022.

This large purchase prompted Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to introduce the “Disarm the IRS Act” to prohibit such purchases by the IRS. Unfortunately, this legislation has not been successful due to strong support from both Democrats and Republicans for a highly militarized federal government.

The current administration is largely comprised of globalists whose interests align with those of the military-industrial-biosecurity complex rather than those of American citizens. This trend towards militarization is not limited to the IRS as other federal agencies have followed suit

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also purchased of hundreds of .40-caliber submachine guns, presumably for making raids on independent food producers. They have a special hatred for the Amish (See Food Supply Attack: U.S. Government Raided and Shut Down Golden Valley Farms, an Independent Meat Producer)

The USDA raided the Fisher family’s farm in Farmville, Virginia, and seized their livestock and meat-processing facility as the state condemned and seized his property. They are Amish.

The recent bulk purchases of guns and ammunition by the Small Business Administration and Health and Human Services raise questions about whether the federal government is preparing to take forceful action against Americans who express dissent.

This could involve making an example of a few outspoken individuals, in order to criminalize any speech that contravenes government-media-approved messaging on pandemics, foreign wars, and other globalist policies. It is possible that they may attempt to steal another election in 2024 as a pretext for doing so.

Recent indictments of Trump supporters in Georgia and Michigan are indicative of this trend, as are the harsh prosecutions carried out under the FACE Act against pro-life protesters. These events suggest that peaceful protest will no longer be tolerated by the government.

From LifeSite News in an article posted Tuesday, August 29:

A jury on Tuesday found five pro-life activists guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and conspiracy against rights. They were immediately incarcerated following the verdict and could face more than a decade in prison for their efforts to prevent women from killing their preborn babies.

It is concerning that in the month of August, four pro-life Americans were subjected to pre-dawn raids by the FBI, resulting in death for two of them. The individuals involved included a 100 percent disabled US military veteran in Henderson, Tennessee and a 74-year-old man in Provo, Utah who was obese and unable to walk without assistance.

Both of these men had made threats against Biden online but clearly lacked the ability to carry them out. It could have been possible to arrest them peacefully rather than resorting to violence.

This situation raises questions about the current state of freedom of speech and expression in America as those peacefully praying with and counseling women outside abortion clinics can now face up to 10 years or more imprisonment for their actions – deemed as committing a ‘crime of violence’ simply for holding pro-life views.

This is difficult to ignore.

As the rate of executions increases, a culture of fear and silence is increasingly pervading our society. We must accept that it may not be long before political dissidents begin to disappear into the prison system without any explanation. To prevent this from becoming commonplace, we must all take action to express ourselves more vocally and boldly than ever before.

It is only through collective courage and solidarity that we can hope to protect ourselves against those who wish us harm. Let us strive for peace, but also remain vigilant in our defense of civil liberties and human rights. Many are aware of the danger posed by these oppressive forces, yet they are still unprepared for a future in which their freedom of speech could be so easily criminalized.


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