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Interviews of Nurse Back Up Former Secret Service Agent’s Revelation Regarding JFK Assassination (VIDEO)

Paul Landis, an 88-year-old former Secret Service agent assigned to First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s protective detail in 1963, recently gave an exclusive interview with The New York Times.

During this interview, he shared his revelations regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22 that year.

His account has challenged the narrative adopted by the Warren Commission that a single bullet fired at the president’s limousine struck both Kennedy and Texas Governor John B. Connally Jr., causing wounds to his back, chest, wrist, and thigh.

This is often referred to as the “magic bullet theory.”

Former agent Gerald Landis has revealed that he was the one who retrieved the bullet from the limo and placed it on President John F. Kennedy’s hospital stretcher to preserve as evidence.

According to Landis, there was nothing “magical” about the bullet; it had struck Kennedy in the back, but due to being “undercharged” it popped back out before his body was removed from the limo.

It never touched Governor Connally. Recently, Phyllis J. Hall’s testimony has surfaced which confirms Landis’ claims. Hall had been present in the emergency room after JFK had been fatally shot and gave two separate interviews to British papers in 2013.

Her corroboration of Landis’ revelations adds further legitimacy to this historic event.

The first interview she gave was to the Telegraph where she confirmed the presence of a bullet between the JFK’s earlobe and shoulder on the stretcher.

On the cart, halfway between the earlobe and the shoulder, there was a bullet laying almost perpendicular there, but I have not seen a picture of that bullet ever.

WATCH (she talks about the bullet at the 2:10 mark):


She reiterated her revelation to the Sunday Mirror and stated that there was no damage to the bullet, an anomaly she had not previously observed. The bullet was then removed and not submitted as evidence.

I could see a bullet lodged between his ear and his shoulder. It was pointed at its tip and showed no signs of damage. I remember looking at it – there was no blunting of the bullet or scarring around the shell from where it had been fired.

I’d had a great deal of experience working with gunshot wounds but I had never seen anything like this before.

It was about one-and-a-half inches long – nothing like the bullets that were later produced.

It was taken away but never have I seen it presented in evidence or heard what happened to it. It remains a mystery.

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