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Project Veritas Shuts Down, Fires All Journalists and Employees After Ousting O’Keefe: Report

Yesterday, it was reported that the organization Project Veritas has closed its doors and dismissed all of their reporters. This comes shortly after James O’Keefe stepped down from his position amid allegations of a hostile work environment and misuse of company resources.

The news was broken by Bobby Harr, an independent reporter who formerly worked for Project Veritas.

Harr claims that on September 21st the group put an end to their operations without notice.

Giles, the CEO of ACORN who was involved in the infamous sting video with O’Keefe and returned to lead the company after his departure, reportedly cited financial ruin as a reason for the final layoffs.

Moreover, all investigations have been put to an end.

The Post Millennial has reported that Project Veritas X, a conservative news organization, had a mass firing of its remaining staff on Wednesday.This follows the firing of numerous employees in August.

Sources indicate that those who remained employed until this point were mainly administrative personnel or those responsible for fundraising efforts.

Additionally, a post was made and later deleted from the company’s Twitter account on August 17th which stated “SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all.”

According to a conservative journalist, when James O’Keefe left Project Veritas, donations that had been coming in reportedly ceased.

While this has not been confirmed by O’Keefe or his new organization, OMG (O’Keefe Media Group), a statement provided to MediaIte by his lawyer on X suggested that he and his organization have not been involved with the group for some time.

“It appears that in the few months since Project Veritas ousted James, it continued to spend money at the same rate, blowing through the many millions of dollars James had previously raised for it – despite PV having no new sources of fundraising,” said attorney Jeffrey Lichtman to the outlet. “This is highly suspect and we would welcome a full audit of PV’s finances to learn where that money was actually spent.”

Project Veritas reportedly commissioned an outside firm to create a lengthy report on O’Keefe’s alleged misconduct after his departure.

The report included numerous accusations against O’Keefe, such as instructing employees to partake in illegal activities and demeaning those beneath him.

On Thursday, Project Veritas CEO Hannah Giles released the following statement on this devastating news.

For more than a decade, Project Veritas has led the pursuit of transparency and truth in the media and other powerful institutions.

Due to various events and circumstances, we are making changes in the operations of our organization including laying off additional employees. Our hearts go out to our colleagues and their families as this difficult transition occurs, and we thank them for their dedication and hard work and hope for the best new opportunities for them.

Project Veritas is continuing to operate, but we are pausing our fundraising efforts and proactively taking steps to honor our donors’ expectations and to preserve the trust the American people have placed in us.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who supports us in fulfilling our mission. It is our sincere hope that Project Veritas can continue many more years of delivering truth for the American people.

Hannah Giles, CEO, Project Veritas

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