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Video Captures Karate Instructors Stopping Armed Carjackers

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A dramatic carjacking in Oakland, California, was thwarted when two karate instructors rushed to the aid of the victim. KTVU-TV obtained a video of the incident from Moss and Spade, a nearby plant nursery business.

In the video, the victim is seen exiting his car, which was parked on Piedmont Avenue, when two assailants pull up next to him and shove him onto the sidewalk.

It appears that one of the males wearing a sweatshirt is carrying a gun as they snatch the keys from his hand and proceed towards his car.

At this point, two heroic individuals come running over and begin to smash their vehicle with sticks. The windshield shatters as they quickly make their escape in the car.

KTVU reported that the two alleged carjackers drove away without the victim’s car, while two good Samaritans working as instructors at a nearby karate studio rushed to help.

The Oakland Police Department reported that not only car thefts, but also violent crimes were on the rise in the city.

From the year before, the rate of homicide, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery had risen by 21%.


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