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Hamas Savages Cutting Off the Heads of BABIES and Gunning Down Families In their Beds (VIDEO)

It is difficult to articulate the true enormity of Hamas’ evil actions. Indeed, some may even suggest that Satan is more merciful than they.

Reports indicate that Hamas has committed a number of abhorrent acts, such as shooting peaceful Israelis at a party, raping and kidnapping Israeli women, decapitating Israeli soldiers, and desecrating the bodies of their victims.

i24 news correspondent Nicole Zedek has reported that Israeli soldiers have confirmed that Hamas terrorists are engaging in abhorrent acts of violence, including beheading babies and gunning down families in their homes.

These atrocities demonstrate the depths of depravity to which this terrorist group has sunk.

Zedek: It’s hard to even explain just the mass casualties that happened right here. Israel military officials say they still don’t have a clear number but I am talking to some of the soldiers and what they witnessed walking through these different houses, these different communities.

Babies, with their heads cut off…families gunned down in their beds. You can see some of these soldiers comforting each other. .. many of them reserves as they left their own families behind not knowing the sheer horror they were about to come to. They say they have never experienced anything like this.

Zedek goes on to say 40 babies so far have been taken out on gurneys.

The renowned conservative writer, activist, and radio host Ben Shapiro shared a disturbing image released by an Israeli artist, which depicted a crib soaked in blood.

Here are further images demonstrating the bloodshed of innocent infants.

We can only hope that Israel will soon attain complete success and eliminate these archaic criminals from the planet.

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Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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