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Hundreds Of Illegals Set Up Makeshift ‘Mini-City’ Under Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants have established a temporary settlement in New York City beneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Remember when AOC raced to the border for a photo-op in front of what supposedly was Trump’s kids-in-cages facility? Well, now those kids in cages are kids in squalor in her backyard. Et tu AOC?

This is the result of years of liberal and progressive policies, an area that has now become a place of disarray and filth.

The inhabitants are not only living there but also engaging in various business activities, such as selling food, retail items, and barber services. Many individuals from these settlements have come from local shelters across New York City.

Trash has taken over the area while mattresses and tables are scattered among cars to create makeshift housing. Most of these immigrants come from Latin America or African countries where French is spoken widely.

New York Post reported:

More than 200 migrants are living al fresco under stretch of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, setting up a makeshift mini-city with its own bustling nighttime market — where asylum seekers peddle everything from food to haircuts, fed-up neighbors said.

Despite initial efforts by cops and Sanitation workers over the summer to clear out a dozen or so migrants living in tents under the BQE at Park Avenue and Hall Street in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, the spot is now hotter than ever.

Although the tents remain down, migrants continued to flock to the area the past few months after leaving a shelter at 47 Hall Street, a block away, along with others throughout the Big Apple.

“The problem hasn’t gotten any better, it’s gotten worse and continues to get worse,” raged a Clinton Hill dad of two.

“I’d rather see the tents. It literally looks and smells horrible down there now.”

It is a cause for concern that a soccer field serving underprivileged kids in Seattle was recently vandalized. An unknown perpetrator(s) drove around the field, causing an estimated $100,000 worth of damage to the grass.

As a result, the soccer club had to cancel the remainder of the season and may have to find another location for these children. Adding to this precarious situation is a homeless encampment nearby that has reportedly seen numerous fires, shootings, and drug overdoses according to King County Sheriff’s Department.

It is disheartening that Democrat-run cities are allowing this issue to continue without any tangible solutions being implemented. It is clear that something must be done in order to ensure the safety of citizens and prevent situations like this from occurring again in the future.

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