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Israel Shares 43 Minutes of Brutal Hamas Attacks to Horrified Journalists in Private Screening

On Monday, Israel presented a screening of 43 minutes of shocking crimes committed by Hamas during the October 7 onslaught in southern Israel, which resulted in over 1,400 fatalities.

This presentation also included never-before-seen footage. The purpose of this was to counter the growing “Holocaust denial” phenomenon that has been spreading worldwide.

The Times of Israel and other media outlets reported the graphic details shared by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Journalists were generally only allowed to take notes and not permitted to broadcast the most horrific footage publicly.

Some of the details revealed included a man on the ground, bleeding from his abdomen, as a Hamas militant attempted to behead him using farming equipment. In another video, an Israeli woman was trying to ascertain if a partially burned corpse with a mutilated head belonged to her family member.

The body had been stripped from waist down and it appeared that she had been raped and tortured before being set ablaze. Another clip showed a 19-year-old female soldier wearing bloody sweatpants while being dragged out of a car amidst cheers in English “You’re in Gaza!”

A male soldier was also pulled out of a car, thrown onto the ground, then beaten by an enraged Palestinian crowd. Joel Pollak of Breitbart News mentioned one of the most appalling videos which depicted a child who had lost their sight after Hamas militants targeted his family.

He was covered in his father’s blood.

A terrorist peers over the fence and lobs a grenade into the shelter. It bounces off the back wall and explodes.

The father’s body falls forward. A boy appears, covered in his father’s blood, looking at his father.

We see the boy on the couch, now doubled over on the rug. “Why am I alive?” he wails.

He then looks at the brother in the chair. There is a red, black space where his eye used to be. He asks if his brother can see out of that eye. He says that he cannot. The other brother asks again. Are you joking? He repeats that he cannot see.

Pollak also reported he heard fellow journalists whisper “make it stop” as the presentation on Hamas’ atrocities continued.

The IDF provided still images to journalists demonstrating the aftermath of Hamas’ destructive actions, including a headless soldier, charred human remains of young children, dead bodies in a bomb shelter, and flags belonging to Islamic State (ISIS).

Additionally, they reported that a pregnant woman had been killed and the unborn child was removed from her body before being beheaded.

The limited footage Israel permitted journalists to disseminate to the public had been previously viewed; nonetheless, it provides a glimpse of the abhorrent war crimes committed by Hamas.

Today, footage surfaced of Mahmoud, a terrorist affiliated with Hamas, boasting about killing 10 innocent Israelis with his bare hands. His chilling words were: “Their blood is on my hands, let me speak to Mom. Please be proud of me, Dad.”

This statement serves as yet another reminder of the brutality that Hamas continues to perpetrate against the Israeli people. Should The Gateway Pundit obtain additional footage related to this incident, they have pledged to share it with their readers so that they can see firsthand the full extent of Hamas’ cruelty.

It is essential that we do not obscure evil lest we allow it to flourish unchecked.

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