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Super-PAC With Ties To Soros Uses Racial Slur On GOP Candidate Daniel Cameron in TV Ad

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On November 7, 2023, Republican Daniel Cameron will face off against far-left Democrat Governor Andy Beshear in the Kentucky gubernatorial race.

If elected, Cameron would be the first African-American governor of Kentucky.

Lately, leftist groups have been running ads against him labeling him an Uncle Tom – a tactic that is commonly employed by the Democratic Party and their proxies.

This is not the first time that Cameron has been subjected to such racist attacks; back in 2020, Democrats called him a “sell-out” and an “Uncle Remus” after his speech at the Republican National Convention.

Despite this opposition, Cameron plans to continue campaigning for what he believes in.

And in April 2023, cartoonist Joel Pett at the Herald-Leader ran an abhorrent ad mocking Cameron’s Christian faith.

Here is the racist ad liberals are running against Daniel Cameron.

The Black Voters Matter Action PAC, a liberal Super PAC supported by billionaire George Soros, is running racially charged ads in Kentucky against Republican Daniel Cameron.

The ad refers to Cameron as “Uncle Daniel Cameron” and uses the saying “Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk”—a refrain used by black liberals to suggest that anyone who disagrees with them politically is a race traitor.

Cameron has called on his Democrat opponent to condemn these “racist and hateful” attacks before next month’s election.

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