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Judge Engoron Threatens to Toss President Trump from Courtroom for Delivering “Speeches” During Show Trial

Today, President Trump appeared in court for his Lawfare trial in New York City, led by Letitia James, the Attorney General.

Judge Arthur Engoron reprimanded the President for delivering speeches during questioning.

According to reports, Engoron has been highly critical of President Trump’s lengthy responses to questions regarding his successful international business.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is attempting to obtain $250 million from the Trump family, claiming that the Trump organization was inflating their assets; however, this has yet to be proven in court.

Via Simon Ateba.

For instance, Judge Engoron told Trump, “You can attack me, you can do whatever you want. But answer the question.”

He also told him to simply answer questions and not give speeches, “Please just answer the question, no speeches,” he told Trump.

“That was a yes or no question. Please answer yes or no when you receive such a question,” Judge Engoron again told Trump.

Judge Engoron even told Trump’s attorneys to sit down, just sit down. “We are here to hear him answer questions,” Judge Engoron said.

Trump, however, said, “This is a very, very unfair trial, very. And I hope the public is watching it.”

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