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Marines Beat Up Group of Rowdies Outside an Austin, Texas Nightclub

Last night, a video of an altercation between members of the U.S. Marines and a small group of thugs outside the Voodoo Room nightclub in Austin went viral on social media.

After exchanging words, one thug threw a punch at one of the Marines which caused an all-out brawl to ensue.

The military men quickly gained the upper hand and knocked down one of the thugs, delivering multiple blows upon him while he was on the ground – teaching them a painful lesson in the process.

According to a witness:
“Group of Marines get into a fight with a group of men outside the Voodoo Room nightclub in Austin, Texas. Don’t mess with the Marines.

The incident started when an angry woman snagged a phone and threw it into the street. (She was later smacked on accident by one of the men she was with).

One of the black men then swung at a Marine and missed which then escalated the fight. The Marines knocked down one of the men after he landed three punches on a Marine. The fight was broken up by Texas state troopers.”


Witnesses at the brawl reportedly cheered on the Marines, one of them even chanting “USA! USA!” as the police broke it up.

It is unclear why the fight started, but it was said to have been over a mad woman snatching a phone and throwing it in the street before mistakenly being smacked by an instigator she was with.

Now, there is speculation whether or not the Marines will be charged for their actions that were clearly self-defense.

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