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Women Brutally Assault Helpless Man in Black Friday Brawl

According to Fox News, an incident of violence occurred at the Fashion Show Mall in Paradise, Nevada near the Las Vegas Strip on Wednesday.

The altercation involved a group of women attacking a larger male.

Video footage recorded by Nevada rapper Johnathan Gray showed the man being punched and slapped while he was on the ground, with his hair being pulled and attempts made to remove his pants.


Gray spoke exclusively to Fox News and revealed more details regarding the fight.

I’m continuing to walk up the stairs, I see a whole bunch of ruckus and people are looking over the balcony. I get the look in over the balcony, too. I look down they’re having a full-on hair fight. One of the girls was stabbed in their face. Yeah, it was a big chaos event during the fight.

Fox News reported that as one man was being brutally attacked, another altercation had broken out in the mall. Photos of the incident show a group of women dragging and striking an individual.


Credit: (Instagram/screenshot | PROLIFICJONNY5)

The Fashion Show Mall released a statement to Fox News saying that their security officers and the Las Vegas police responded quickly and removed the perpetrators:

We are aware of the video circulating on social media. We want to be clear that we have zero tolerance for this behavior.

Our security officers and partners at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded quickly to handle the situation and remove the individuals.

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