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Browns Wide Receiver Elijah Moore Suffers Brain Injury Causing Involuntary Body Movements

Elijah Moore, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, experienced a concerning event during their Thursday night victory over the New York Jets.

At the end of the second quarter, Moore was tackled to the ground face first and began exhibiting involuntary body movements.

The medical team quickly responded and he was removed from competition and transported to a hospital for concussion evaluations.

He is now in recovery.



Browns wide receiver Elijah Moore spent Thursday night in a hospital after suffering a head injury during Cleveland’s 37-20 win over the New York Jets.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said Friday that Moore is home now and is in the concussion protocol.

Moore suffered the injury in the second quarter after his forehead crashed into the turf. He started shaking on the ground before trainers rushed to the field. Moore eventually got up and was helped to the injury tent then to the locker room.

“He’s doing better,” Stefanski said. “Those are always scary.”

The sudden and unexpected occurrence of involuntary body movements quickly drew the attention of medical experts onto X, with many responding to the event.

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