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Capitol Police Shove Woman to the Ground on J6 As She Chokes On Deadly CS Gas

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Police body footage from the January 6 Capitol riot shows a harrowing scene of officers tossing a woman in a white coat, sunglasses and black hat to the ground.

The woman pleads for help as the police proceed to savagely spray her and other protesters with CS gas.

An officer yells, “Go back! Go Back! Go back!” as protestors try to assist the woman, but they are pushed away by police.

“Stand down — stand down!” a cop yells as demonstrators raise their hands in the air.

A man in a black leather jacket is seen wrapping his arms around a female demonstrator and turning his back to the police, in what appears to be an effort to shield her from getting hit by the cops.

“I’m blind! I can’t breathe,” the woman in the white coat screams in a panic after getting tossed to the ground by police and sprayed with tear gas.

“Help me out of here! Get me out of here!” she wails, as she uses her hands to navigate her way around the crowd.

In a 37-second clip, a police officer is seen pleading for assistance while simultaneously pushing the person to the ground again. A man in a brown jacket intervenes and requests that the police escort her away from the commotion.

“Can you please take her out? She needs help,” he tells an officer. “She keeps falling. She’s old.”

The man utilized his arm to protect the officer from inflicting harm.

“I’m not — I’m not trying to push you right now,” he says before he also gets shoved by a cop.

An officer discharged CS gas from a close range, standing just feet away from the protesters, saturating them and the woman in the white coat with the chemical agent.


Exposure to CS gas, a type of tear gas, can lead to a range of severe symptoms including burning pain in the mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and skin; profuse coughing; nasal mucus discharge; disorientation; difficulty breathing; exaggerated muscle cramping in the eye area and sensitivity to light leading to eye closure and difficulty in swallowing.

In some cases, it has been known to cause asthma attacks or swelling that could potentially lead to asphyxiation or death.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), long-term exposure can even result in lethal chemical burns or respiratory failure.

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