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Female Israeli Hostage Fights Seven Hamas Terrorists

Surveillance footage recently released by Israel’s Channel 12, with the permission of Amit Soussana, shows the 40-year-old attorney struggling against seven Hamas terrorists as she was dragged away from Kfar Aza on October 7.

This community was one of the worst affected in a terror attack that day.

According to Reports:

On October 7, 2020, an attack by Hamas terrorists left Kfar Aza in shambles. But the most remarkable story to emerge from this tragedy is that of Amit Soussana, a 40-year-old attorney and resident of the community.

Surveillance footage released by Israel’s Channel 12 shows her heroic struggle against seven Hamas terrorists as they dragged her away from Kfar Aza on that fateful day.

Amit had been out for lunch when the terrorists arrived at Kfar Aza with guns blazing. Realizing what was happening, she immediately rushed back home to protect her family. As she arrived at her house, she saw seven armed men aggressively trying to break into it. She bravely confronted them and attempted to push them away while shouting for help.

The video shows Amit struggling valiantly against all odds as she put up a fight against the attackers. Despite being outnumbered seven to one, Amit refused to give up and kept pushing them back even after they began hitting and kicking her. Eventually, they managed to overpower her and drag her away from Kfar Aza while still trying desperately to get into her home. It is only due to Amit’s bravery that no one else was harmed during this attack.

This courageous act has earned Amit widespread praise across Israel and beyond its borders for embodying true Israeli courage in the face of terror attacks like these.

The IDF spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis praised Amit’s actions saying “She put up an incredible fight despite being outnumbered seven-to-one… Her determination saved lives”.

On X (Formerly Twitter) many people expressed admiration for Amit’s bravery under such difficult circumstances calling it “brave”, “heroic” and “inspiring” among other things.

Unfortunately, due to security concerns related to this incident, not much information about what happened afterwards has been revealed or shared publicly so far apart from some basic facts such as no one was hurt or injured during this attack except for some minor scratches suffered by Amit herself who afterward went into hiding with her family somewhere outside of Kfar Aza until further notice given by authorities there.

Soussana was observed engaging in combat with terrorists who attempted to conceal her with a blanket. This action was taken, as survivors of the October 7 assault revealed upon talking with Breitbart News, due to the fact that female hostages were usually captured while wearing either pajamas or underwear, and some Hamas militants did not want to create offense among other Palestinians by bringing in a live female in an exposed state into Gaza.

There seemed to be no such qualms when it came to Shani Louk, a German-Israeli individual whose nearly nude body was flaunted through Gaza on the back of a truck.

The video which recorded this incident is believed to have been obtained from a surveillance camera located on the Palestinian side of the border in Gaza City in the northern region of Gaza Strip according to Times of Israel.

As mentioned by Breitbart News, Soussana and another woman hostage were freed last week during a seven day ceasefire period.

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