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Trump Calls For Impeachment and Removal Of Judges James and Engoron

Earlier this year, New York Attorney General Letitia James drew widespread attention when she filed a civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

Recently, though, an observer has suggested that mounting documents and testimony imply the case may be crumbling.

A former bank employee has attested that Trump’s adjustments were “not unusual or atypical.” James has contended that the ex-president artificially increased his assets’ value and exaggerated his net worth to unlawfully procure bank loans.

In an op-ed piece published on Thursday, Daily Caller contributor Katelynn Richardson highlighted how Deutsche Bank, the financial institution Trump allegedly defrauded, was eager to accept him as a client over a decade ago.

CNN reported this statement from David Williams, a 17-year employee of Deutsche Bank, who testified that adjustments made to Trump’s net worth were not considered out of the ordinary.

He commented, “It’s not unusual or atypical for any client’s provided financial statements to be adjusted to this level to this extent.”

Deutsche Bank viewed Trump as a lucrative client and actively sought to do business with him.

According to an Associated Press report in November 2011, Rosemary Vrablic, then managing director of Deutsche Bank, referred to Trump’s business as a “whale” in an email to her colleagues following a meeting with Donald Trump Jr., which she described as “very nice” and “productive.”

The term “whale” is used to refer to wealthy clients.

“It went great. Donald was low key and demure. Unbelievable. The conversation was fantastic. Not sure he could do it again for a second meeting but hey … miracles can happen,” she added.

Moreover, Vrablic said she was looking forward to golfing with Trump Jr. and expressed hope that his father might attend.

The former president’s legal team also introduced documents indicating the bank’s projected Trump-related revenue had grown from $13,000 to $6 million.

Deutsche Bank co-chair Anshu Jain argued for “utilizing Mr. Trump’s personal and professional network within the real estate industry.”

In response, President Trump posted on Truth Social calling for the impeachment of both James as well as the judge presiding over his case.

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