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Ray Epps Gets No Jail Time, One Year Probation, $500 fine, and 100 Hours Community Service

Despite being the sole January 6 protester who actively encouraged others to enter the Capitol, Epps has been given a one-year probation term, a $500 restitution fee, and 100 hours of community service.

This blatant display of preferential treatment highlights a deeply flawed two-tiered justice system.

Yesterday evening, the D.C. Kangaroo Court unexpectedly converted Ray Epps’ scheduled in-person public sentencing hearing to a private/remote Zoom hearing.

Originally, Epps was supposed to physically attend his sentencing today at 10 AM at the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse in Washington D.C.

However, as mentioned in the Court Docket, on 1/8/24, the hearing was changed to a “hybrid hearing” where the government would be present in person and the defense would participate via Zoom.

Ray Epps on January 6th.

Epps is currently facing a lawsuit for “Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights” filed by J6 defendant Eric Clark. The case has been brought before a Utah Federal Court.

However, an interesting twist took place.

An anonymous source informed reporters at TGP that Ray Epps was expected to be served with the lawsuit at the courthouse during his sentencing.

The Plaintiff had hired process servers, and reporters were ready to capture the moment on video.

These plans were discussed privately in phone conversations just yesterday.

But suddenly, Ray Epps’ circumstances took a surprising turn.

His scheduled PUBLIC IN-PERSON sentencing hearing was mysteriously changed to a REMOTE TELEPHONIC hearing, almost as if by magic.

Was this some sort of ‘stroke of luck’, or is it further proof of corruption within our justice system?

Please help the J6 Defendant SUING Ray Epps by CLICKING HERE.

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