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Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Mark Accuses Bill Barr Of ‘cover up’

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Jeffrey Epstein’s brother has made allegations against former Attorney General Bill Barr, claiming that he concealed information regarding the mysterious death of the infamous pedophile in jail.

Epstein met his demise at the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC), a grim and vermin-infested detention facility in New York, while awaiting charges for sex trafficking in August 2019.

Although officially ruled as a suicide, the peculiar circumstances surrounding his demise, coupled with his extensive connections, immediately sparked theories suggesting foul play and assassination.

Epstein was left unattended in his cell for an extended period, coinciding with malfunctioning surveillance cameras. Subsequently, the guards on duty reportedly dozed off and later fabricated records to mask their negligence.

Barr referred to it as a “perfect storm of errors” at the time. A report from the Justice Department in the previous year confirmed that deficiencies in the prison system enabled Epstein to commit suicide. Mark Epstein has harbored doubts about the official account for quite some time.

“Yes, there were screw-ups, but that doesn’t mean that my brother was, you know, committed suicide because of screw-ups,” Epstein told NewsNation’s Leland Vittert.

Mark alleged that Attorney General Barr had prematurely classified the death as a suicide, thus obstructing a comprehensive investigation. According to Mark, the pathologists who assessed Epstein’s body determined that the cause of death was still “pending.”

“Things like the EMT and the medical personnel at the hospital, none of them have ever been questioned,” he continued. “They’re always questioned, especially in high-profile cases.”

Mark hired the renowned pathologist Michael Baden to witness the autopsy.

According to Baden, the injuries sustained by Epstein’s neck indicate a more likely cause of death as homicide by strangulation.

In Epstein’s cell, authorities discovered a makeshift noose made from an orange bedsheet. However, there are no available photographs of Epstein’s body within the cell.

Expressing his belief that his brother was not suicidal, Mark Epstein pointed to Jeffrey’s denied request for bail. Jeffrey had been willing to pay an exceptionally high bail amount estimated at $150 million, according to Mark.

“He had dirt on people, he told me in 2016 that he had dirt on then-presidential candidates,” Mark said. “He didn’t tell me what that dirt was.”

“I wasn’t involved with his day-to-day life so I don’t know what he knows, but to go back to your initial question, why?” he continued. “I mean, you’d have to ask Bill Barr.”Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark accuses Bill Barr of ‘cover up’

Even in the years following his demise, Epstein’s legacy continues to captivate curiosity, as fresh revelations regarding his influential associations with individuals such as Bill Clinton continue to emerge.

Regrettably, the sole individual facing consequences for Epstein’s wrongdoings remains his ex-partner and facilitator, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is presently serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison.

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