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January 6th Defendant Alleges Defense Attorney Colluded with DOJ

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Daniel Morrissey, a defendant involved in the events at the Capitol on January 6th, is facing dire circumstances as he accuses his former defense attorney and the Department of Justice (DOJ) of conspiring to withhold crucial evidence that could have cleared his name.

This alleged collusion has left Morrissey homeless and financially devastated.

Morrissey asserts that his attorney, Anthony Solis, worked with the DOJ to prevent him from accessing important video evidence that could have potentially exonerated him in connection to the Capitol events.

As a result of this purported misconduct, Morrissey is now on the brink of eviction and homelessness due to his deteriorating financial situation.

Following months of legal proceedings, Morrissey entered a guilty plea in February 2022 to a charge related to activities within the Capitol building on January 6th.

The decision led to the dismissal of three other charges against him. He was subsequently handed a 45-day prison sentence along with a lengthy 36-month probation term, as well as being ordered to pay fines and restitution.

Despite accepting guilt for certain offenses linked to the Capitol incident and receiving a sentence, Morrissey claims to have uncovered videos showing Capitol Police opening doors during the events in question.

These videos could potentially support his defense, but he alleges that his attorney failed to adequately pursue this evidence on his behalf.

In Daniel’s GiveSendGo fundraising campaign, he wrote at the time:

I’m Dan, a J6’er and I am in a very unique situation. I caught the DOJ and my private “defense” attorney conspiring against me for political purposes. Let me explain.

On January 6th, 2021, I was standing on the Eastside of the Capitol, when lo and behold, to my complete shock and surprise, the Capitol Police opened the Rotunda Doors and induced the crowd’s entry into the building. Thanks to other patriots, and by the grace of God, I was able to find video of my entry into the Capitol on The Gateway Pundit.

Brady Video:

NOW THERE’S VIDEO: Who Opened the Magnetic Doors at East Side of Capitol on Jan. 6? They Were Opened by Someone from the Inside

My entry can be seen in the video entitled “How the Magnetic Doors Opened Remains a Mystery” at 2:06-2:07 (tall, dark, and single (in case you were wondering), dude in the North Face jacket).

I begged my attorney, Mr. Anthony Solis, of Calabasas, California, to ascertain the video of my entry into the Capitol from the prosecution from day one of his “representation” of me. As I knew, the video would depict the Capitol Police opening the doors. The video is more damming than I could have ever imagined.

On 2/13/22, I provided Mr. Solis with the video above and he told me “what difference it make (sic)”. Apparently it didn’t make a difference, until six weeks after I pled guilty (the first time) and then confronted Mr. Solis with my “newfound” knowledge of Brady v. Maryland, 1963, and its relevant implications on my case. That’s when Biden hit the fan.

In short, I caught Mr. Solis intentionally not catching the prosecution, therefore denying me my Constitutionally protected right to Due Process, by withholding exculpatory evidence from me in discovery, and thereafter.

From April 14th, 2022, the day I caught Mr. Solis, I petitioned Judge Walton’s Chamber directly to alert him there is, and always has been a Brady Violation in my case.

After months of petitioning Judge Walton, on July 14th, 2022, Judge Walton granted me a Status Hearing and asked me if I wanted to remove my plea and take my case to trial, at the time I elected not to, as the prosecution WILL NOT provide me with the exculpatory video evidence, and claims they can’t find it, but they know I have it. Un-real.

On August 16th, 2022, in Washington D.C. I was sentenced to 45-days (very symbolic) in a Federal prison, three years of probation, $2,500 in fines, and $510 in restitution. All for taking a selfie. I mean, it’s not the greatest selfie in the world, but I don’t think it’s criminal either.

The worst the prosecution could say about me in the Statement of Offense, and the Sentencing Memorandum was “people around me were chanting USA!” Un-real.

I continued to badger Mr. Solis for the Brady Video from prosecution, but he never received the video. Two months after I was sentenced, Mr. Solis wrote an email to Mr. Tortorice admitting they conspired against me, to withhold the video evidence.

Long story short, I caught the DOJ committing prosecutorial misconduct by withholding the Brady Video from me, and I caught Mr. Solis willfully, intentionally, and maliciously breaching his duty as my fiduciary and actively working against me, all because I support President Trump (and I will not waver). That’s Calabasas for you.

I have an open complaint with The State Bar of California against Mr. Solis, and an open complaint with The State Bar of Texas against Mr. Tortorice (I moved from LA to Austin).

And now, I am asking for some help in pursuing a legal malpractice case against Mr. Solis. I am seeking micro donations, so I can hire a firm from Temecula, California to do the initial investigation into my legal malpractice case.

I’ve spent over $20,000 defending myself from the charges levied against me, and, at this time, cannot afford the initial cost to move forward with the civil suit against Mr. Solis.

That said, I am asking for the help of the American public to take that first step against Mr. Solis to hold him accountable for his wrongdoings against me as his client.

Please help and donate here.

Seeking support in his struggle against political persecution, Morrissey has sought aid from a range of organizations and individuals.

Despite grappling with financial difficulties and the threat of eviction, Morrissey remains resolute in his determination to pursue legal action against those he alleges have engaged in wrongdoing.

Morrissey reiterated his call for help, providing links to pivotal videos he deems essential to his case.

He underscored the obstacles encountered in his quest for justice and the ongoing uphill struggle against an unjust legal system.

As of Friday, March 1st, 2024, I am now officially homeless because of this wanton, illegal, political prosecution of me for the crime of “parading”. Since I officially caught my former, private “defense” attorney, Anthony Solis working with the DOJ to deny me exculpatory evidence, I have been bankrupted, had my utilities shut off last month, and as of yesterday, will be evicted from my residence of the past two plus years. Why? Because I caught the FBI, DOJ, Christopher Tortorice (prosecutor), and Anthony Solis working together to ensure a conviction of me, while I found Brady Video(s) that exonerate me, as per Becky Neal of the D.C. Disciplinary Counsel. This has been going on for over two years!

Here are the Brady Video(s) denied to me by my own “counsel” and the DOJ:

CCTV Footage Facing the Columbus Door:

Bad actors come on scene at 9:29, my entry can be seen at 12:15-12:16 grey North Face jacket

CCTV Footage Facing the Rotunda (opposite view):

My entry can be seen at 2:47, I trip as I enter the building as once the crowd surged, I had no choice but to move forward or be trampled.

I found the second Brady Video in December of 2023, and provided the first Brady Video to the D.C. Disciplinary Counsel, and Beck Neal confirms that I entered the Capitol out of necessity, which is an affirmative defense, and negates criminal and civil liability.

Please, I am asking for help to have my story told.

I have complaints in with DOJ, OIG, Judge Walton, D.C. Bar and Cal Bar, and I have been fighting this for over two years by myself.

I am out of money, and out of time. I will be evicted on Monday, March 4th, 2024.

I am not asking for money, I am asking for help to get my story out to the American People. I have so much evidence you won’t believe it.

Please, I am desperate and in a total crisis, the DOJ has done everything they can to punish me for catching them, and I no longer have any options left.

Please help and donate here.

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