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Legal Experts Don’t Believe Judge Will Remove DA Willis From Trump Case

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A judge is set to make a decision in the coming weeks on whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis can proceed with prosecuting former President Donald Trump, amidst accusations of impropriety.

This includes allegations that she may have lied under oath about the timeline of her relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade. Despite these claims, legal experts interviewed by Forbes anticipate that Judge Scott McAfee will rule in favor of Willis remaining on the case.

Willis is facing accusations from some of Trump’s co-defendants that she breached state conflict of interest and public money laws by being romantically involved with Wade.

In addition to this, she has been accused of providing false information about the initiation date of their relationship in a court document. However, New York University law professor Stephen Gillers expressed skepticism about the necessity of the case, suggesting that it might be driven by sensationalism rather than legal merit.

He doubted that the defense’s arguments supported removing Willis from her role.

It was also mentioned that 44 of the arrested suspects were married and 11 reported receiving government assistance.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, who was appointed by Barack Obama, agreed, writing, “It’s hard to see any basis” for it “unless the Judge wants to bend over backward out of an abundance of caution.”

Forbes added:

Anthony Kreis, an assistant law professor at Georgia State University, had a similar take, arguing Georgia has a “very high” bar for disqualification, though he acknowledged that scenario is “not implausible.”

Several legal experts and attorneys suggest that Willis may face similar legal consequences as Trump and his co-defendants in the RICO case she initiated against them concerning the 2020 election.

According to comments made to Newsweek, these experts believe that her sworn testimony regarding the timeline of her relationship with Hale could lead to perjury charges.

Willis stated under oath last month that she and Wade began dating only after Trump’s indictment, a statement that Trump’s lawyers claim they can disprove with phone records.

Witnesses have also indicated that Willis and Wade were involved romantically much earlier than she testified. Eric Anderson, an attorney at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, suggested that Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr might pursue perjury charges against Willis.

“Given the political climate, I would not be completely surprised if the attorney general, a Republican, acts. Attorney General Carr has shown a willingness to take on elected officials in criminal proceedings before,” Anderson said.

“When it comes to politics, anything is possible. Unless the alleged perjury is about a fact material to the matter at hand, perjury charges are not likely for a regular witness,” Anderson added.

One law professor at Syracuse University in New York, Greg Germain, believes perjury charges are definitely possible.

“Willis could certainly be charged with perjury if a prosecutor can prove that Willis knowingly lied under oath. The matter would have to be referred to a prosecutor, presumably from another DA office or state or federal prosecutor, to bring the charges. It is not common for people to be charged with perjury for lying under oath about a personal relationship, but it certainly has happened in high-profile cases like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski. So yes, a perjury prosecution is possible,” Germain said.

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