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James Carville: Biden’s Exit from 2024 Race Is ‘Inevitable’

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Democratic strategist James Carville told News Nation host Chris Cuomo on Monday that President Joe Biden will undoubtedly choose to withdraw from the presidential race “soon.”

The former Bill Clinton campaign managers’ comments come as panic sets in about Biden’s age and fitness following his recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump prompted increasing high-profile calls for the president to drop out of the race.

Carville, on News Nation’s “Cuomo,” said that Biden and his family will soon “make the right decision” for the president to step aside.

Carville’s Comments

James Carville, a prominent figure in Democratic politics, is known for his frank and often controversial statements.

His latest remarks about Biden’s political future have not gone unnoticed. Carville emphasized that Biden’s age and declining approval ratings are critical factors that will likely influence his decision to withdraw from the race. “It’s inevitable,” Carville stated, pointing to the President’s age and the growing concerns within the Democratic Party about his ability to mount a successful re-election campaign.

“He’s going to come to the conclusion that this is just not a good idea. And he’s going to resist it and he’s going to listen to his family,” Carville said.

“It’s all the same. ‘We blame the staff, then we blame the media. Then it’s the elites in the Democratic party.’ Do I look elite? What the hell’s elite about growing up in rural south Louisiana and going to LSU? And this is all across the country and I understand it’s all predictable and he’s got to go through this. And he’ll get there soon as opposed to later.”

Cuomo asked Carville where his “confidence” stems from in his thinking that Biden will drop out relatively soon.

“You know, Chris … I don’t predict things. I’m just telling you, it’s inevitable,” Carville responded. “He will come to the conclusion. People will get the message to him. He will understand. His family will understand. They’ll pray on it and they’ll make the right decision. I don’t have any doubt about it but while we dilly-dallying around here, somebody’s got to think of where we go from here.”

Factors Influencing Biden’s Potential Decision

Several factors contribute to the plausibility of Carville’s prediction. President Biden, who turned 81 in November, would be 82 at the beginning of a potential second term. His age has been a recurring topic of discussion, with many questioning whether he can handle the demands of the presidency for another four years. Biden’s approval ratings have also been declining, with recent polls indicating waning support among key demographic groups, including independents and young voters .

Moreover, the Democratic Party faces significant challenges, with mounting pressure to present a fresh and dynamic candidate who can energize the base and appeal to a broader electorate. Carville’s comments reflect a growing sentiment within the party that a change in leadership might be necessary to secure a victory in the 2024 election.

Conservative Perspective

From a conservative standpoint, Carville’s prediction underscores the inherent weaknesses within the Democratic Party. The GOP has long argued that Biden’s presidency is marked by inefficacy and a lack of strong leadership. Carville’s assertion that Biden’s withdrawal is inevitable aligns with conservative critiques that the current administration is struggling to maintain coherence and momentum.

Conservatives also contend that Biden’s potential exit would expose the Democratic Party’s vulnerabilities, particularly the lack of a clear successor. Vice President Kamala Harris, often seen as the presumptive nominee should Biden step aside, has faced her own challenges, with approval ratings that mirror the President’s decline. This uncertainty could provide an opportunity for the Republican Party to capitalize on a potentially disorganized Democratic field.

Impact on the 2024 Election

The prospect of Biden withdrawing from the race would significantly alter the landscape of the 2024 presidential election. It would prompt a highly competitive Democratic primary, with several high-profile figures likely to vie for the nomination. Potential candidates include California Governor Gavin Newsom, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

For the Republican Party, Biden’s withdrawal could present both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, it could simplify their strategy by allowing them to focus on attacking the Democratic nominee’s lack of experience or perceived weaknesses. On the other hand, a new Democratic candidate might energize the party’s base and attract voters disillusioned with Biden’s presidency.

James Carville’s Influence

Carville’s influence within the Democratic Party and his track record of political analysis lend weight to his prediction. Known for his role in Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign, Carville’s insights are often considered a barometer of Democratic sentiment. His assertion that Biden’s decision to withdraw is inevitable may reflect broader concerns within the party about the President’s viability as a candidate.


James Carville’s prediction that President Biden will decide to drop out of the 2024 race is a significant development in American politics. It highlights the ongoing debate within the Democratic Party about the President’s capacity to serve another term and underscores the challenges facing the party as it prepares for the next election. From a conservative perspective, Carville’s remarks validate long-standing critiques of Biden’s leadership and suggest that the Democratic Party may be on the brink of a significant transformation.

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