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Tucker Carlson Reveals Obama’s Secret Concerns About Biden

Tucker Carlson Alleges Obama Doubts Biden’s Re-Election Prospects, Supports Open Convention

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Early Monday morning, Tucker Carlson posted on X that he had received new information about former President Obama from an “unusually good source.”

The political commentator made a startling claim that former President Barack Obama is privately expressing doubts about President Joe Biden’s ability to secure re-election in 2024. Carlson further asserted that Obama is advocating for an open convention, suggesting a significant shift in the Democratic Party’s strategy as the next presidential election approaches.

Claims of Obama’s Concerns

Carlson’s allegations are based on information purportedly obtained from sources within the Democratic Party.

The founder of TCN wrote, “Obama is telling people that Joe Biden can’t win and he’s in favor of an open convention.” This claim suggests that Obama, a key figure in the Democratic Party, may be losing confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the party to victory against a strong Republican contender.

“Obama will not say whom he supports, nor as of yesterday afternoon, had he met personally with Biden to deliver the message,” added Tucker.

The notion of an open convention, where delegates are not bound to a single candidate and can vote for any nominee, is seen as a drastic measure typically reserved for situations where a clear frontrunner has not emerged. The idea that a former president would support such a move indicates a significant level of concern about the current president’s electoral prospects.

Implications for the Democratic Party

Carlson’s revelations, if accurate, could have profound implications for the Democratic Party. An open convention could lead to a highly competitive and potentially divisive nomination process. The party would need to navigate the challenges of unifying behind a new candidate while managing the fallout from sidelining an incumbent president.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has not officially commented on Carlson’s claims. However, the discussion around Biden’s re-election viability and the possibility of an open convention highlights the broader concerns within the party about maintaining electoral momentum and addressing the diverse priorities of its constituents.

Analysis of Biden’s Re-Election Challenges

President Biden’s tenure has been marked by significant challenges, both domestically and internationally. Domestically, his administration has faced criticism over economic issues, particularly inflation and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Biden’s approval ratings have fluctuated, reflecting public concerns about his administration’s policies and overall leadership.

Internationally, Biden’s foreign policy has encountered obstacles, including the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and ongoing tensions with Russia and China. These factors have contributed to a perception of weakened leadership, which Carlson suggests is a concern for key Democratic figures like Obama.

Conservative Perspectives on the Allegations

From a conservative viewpoint, Carlson’s claims reinforce existing critiques of the Biden administration. Critics argue that Biden’s presidency has been marked by policy missteps and a lack of strong leadership, which could jeopardize the Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming election. The suggestion that even influential Democrats like Obama are worried about Biden’s electability adds weight to these criticisms.

Carlson’s assertions also resonate with a broader narrative among conservatives that the Democratic Party is experiencing internal divisions and a lack of clear direction. The prospect of an open convention is seen as evidence of this internal struggle and a sign of desperation within the party to find a viable candidate for 2024.

Reactions and Speculations

The reaction to Carlson’s broadcast has been swift and varied. Supporters of Biden have dismissed the claims as baseless speculation, arguing that the president remains the best candidate to lead the party in the next election. They contend that Biden’s achievements, including the passage of significant legislation and efforts to address climate change, position him strongly for re-election.

Conversely, some political analysts suggest that the discussion around Biden’s re-election prospects and the potential for an open convention reflects genuine concerns within the Democratic Party. They point to the historical precedent of incumbent presidents facing challenges within their own party and the potential for an open convention to produce a more dynamic and electable candidate.


Tucker Carlson’s assertion that Barack Obama is privately doubting President Biden’s re-election chances and advocating for an open convention has ignited a significant debate. The claim, if substantiated, underscores the challenges facing the Democratic Party as it prepares for the 2024 election. While the party’s leadership has yet to address these allegations publicly, the discussion highlights the complex dynamics at play within the party and the high stakes of the upcoming election.

As the political landscape evolves, the Democratic Party’s approach to addressing these concerns and unifying behind a strong candidate will be crucial. Whether Biden will be the nominee or if the party will pursue an open convention remains to be seen, but the discourse sparked by Carlson’s claims indicates a pivotal moment for the party’s future.

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