Medical Breakthrough Sends Big Pharma And Drug Stores Into Panic Mode

‘Big Pharma’ and drug stores that push natural and health supplements and vitamin pills just had their scam exposed. It seems that while most of the supplements and vitamins consumers currently purchase certainly provide health benefits, the amount of the products they need is greatly exaggerated. It seems that much of those pills, and even […]

Milwaukee High School Football Coach Passes Away Amid National Chemotherapy Drug Shortage

Just when you thought America under Biden couldn’t get any worse. The tragic death of 60-year-old Jeff Bolle, a beloved high school counselor and football coach from Milwaukee, highlights the devastating impact of drug shortages in the country. Battling bile duct cancer, Bolle’s chemotherapy treatment was abruptly stopped due to the critical scarcity of cisplatin, […]

The Impact of Natural and Man-Made Disasters on Pneumonia Risk

Natural events are unpredictable; preparedness is not. You can’t know what may happen next, but you can know your family is prepared. With disasters and disease on the rise globally, there is no time like today, to prepare for tomorrow. From recent supply chain disruptions and prescription drug shortages, to natural disasters and human caused catastrophes, […]

Largest U.S. Egg Producer Finds Bird Flu in Chickens at Texas Plant

The leading fresh egg producer in the U.S. has temporarily ceased operations at a Texas plant due to the detection of bird flu in chickens, as announced by the company on Tuesday. The virus was also identified at a facility in Michigan. Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, disclosed that around 1.6 million laying […]

High Level Of Contaminants In America’s Water Supply Discovered In New Study

For years, Americans have taken for granted what they believed to be the pristine quality of water that flows through municipal sources. However, recent events have demonstrated a shocking truth about the state of America’s water system. Not only is it contaminated, but what contaminants are present can be far more dangerous than most would […]

Severe Shortage Of Children’s Basic Medications Continues For 2nd Straight Year

Parents in the US are now confronting the challenges of a second year without an adequate supply of amoxicillin, the most commonly prescribed antibiotic in the nation. The liquid versions of this medication, essential for treating children with strep throat, chest and sinus infections, and earaches, remain scarce according to the drug shortage database of […]

Joe Rogan and Katt Williams Discuss How Fluoride in Drinking Water Lowers IQ

Comedian Katt Williams recently joined Joe Rogan for a discussion covering topics such as Hollywood propaganda, advances in life-expansion technology, and comedy. In the latter part of their conversation, they delved into the topic of fluoride in drinking water, sparked by Williams’ concerns about its negative effects on the pineal gland. Rogan responded, “The fluoride […]

There Are More Than 200 Dangerous Biolabs Right Here In The U.S.

Do you think that the next Wuhan could ever happen here in the US? Think again. A shocking discovery was made recently in California, where an illegal Chinese-owned bio lab was discovered. Thousands of viles, some bearing the names “HIV” and “Ebola,” were discovered in the illegal lab along with thousands of test mice. A […]

U.S. Service Members Demand Military Leaders Be Court-Martialed Over Forced COVID Vaccines

On January 1, 2024, two hundred and thirty-one current and former service members from various branches of the United States Armed Forces convened to sign the “Declaration of Military Accountability,” an initiative spearheaded by Commander Robert A. Green Jr. of the U.S. Navy. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in military history, as it […]

96 Percent of Pharmacy Technicians Report Drug Shortages, Half of Patients Never Get the Medicine They Need

As Americans make their way to the pharmacy, they are being met with a serious gamble. Reports from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board indicate that nearly 96 percent of pharmacies across America are facing shortages of critical medications. This includes treatments for cancer, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anesthesia, diabetes, and even some weight loss drugs like Mounjaro, […]

Mystery Canine Respiratory Illness Spreading Across USA

Veterinarians across the country are investigating a mystery respiratory illness which has been affecting dogs since August 2020. Reported cases have risen to over 200 in Oregon and have doubled in the past month alone. Symptoms include severe coughing fits which can last for weeks, or even months, with some cases resulting in death or […]

Mayo Clinic Edits Website Verbiage About The Use of Hydroxychloroquine For Covid Patients

It was reported on Sunday that the Mayo Clinic had edited its website by modifying a previous statement that hydroxychloroquine may be used, in certain cases, to treat patients hospitalized with coronavirus (COVID-19). The verbiage has now been edited to read: “Hydroxychloroquine is not recommended as a treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).” The updated […]