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The Holocaust happened. It’s a fact. There is too much hard evidence, not to mention living survivors, to deny it’s existence. It MUST continue to be taught in America’s schools. Teaching this horrific history is critical to ensuring that it never occurs again.

Recently, a California school district included a critical thinking exercise from their Common Core curriculum asking students to prepare a defense of whether or not the Holocaust really happened based on their research findings on the internet. No where did the news account mention that students were actually taught the facts about this critical time in history.

I’m thinking there are more appropriate scenarios that could be used the effectively teach critical thinking skills. Young minds are impressionable. The last thing we need to do is encourage some of them to “critically” resolve that the Holocaust didn’t exist based on erroneous internet content.

Teach the Holocaust FACTS in history class and use something else to teach those critical thinking skills. Perhaps these curriculum developers should consider taking a class in “exercising good judgement.”

Be vigilant, parents. And make your voices heard when you see things like this that just aren’t good for our kids. They will one day be governing our nation.

You can read more about this story here.

Photo credit via Timo Luege

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