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$12k Fine and More Regulations for City After Dog Kills Bird

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And now a city can be fined for not having enough regulations. Environmentalists are up in arms over the death of ONE baby bird, a piping plover chick. They’re saying the city didn’t do enough to protect the endangered birds. Because more regulations are always the solutions, right? (said dripping with sarcasm)

I doubt the dog that attacked the bird would have followed any of the regulations anyway. But at least the environmentalists would have been able to sue the dog’s owner.

Seriously people, we are talking about ONE tiny bird and a dog doing what dogs are prone to do. They’re animals with a prey instinct. Seeing a tiny bird the size of a cotton ball with legs running across the sand dunes was more than most any dog could take. It wasn’t a human intentionally destroying an endangered species. It was nature taking it’s course. These things are bound to happen.

No, we don’t need more regulations. We need more common sense.

You can read more about the piping plover controversy here and here.

Photo credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

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