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Another white, racist cop at work… (and other random acts of kindness)

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And here we have, yet again, another example of a white, racist cop. Oh wait… he didn’t arrest the black woman, even though she broke the law. Instead, he helped her feed her grandbabies. Whatever! ALL cops are racist, evil, whities. Trust me.

An Alabama officer caught a grandmother stealing eggs; instead of arresting her, he surprised her with an amazing act of kindness.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! It isn’t an anomaly. It’s yet another example of human kindness that exists in all aspects of our society. It transcends race, ethnicity, and economics.

What this police officer did is a great reminder to all of us. This isn’t just something the cops do. This is something WE CAN ALL do! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to help someone else. Just open your eyes and ears, pay attention to those around you, and look for simple ways to help someone out. You’ll be the better for it.

I challenge you to randomly help someone who needs it, whether you know them or not… let me know how it goes!

You can read this full story here.

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