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Teacher fired for using wrong pronoun! WRONG!

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the battle over “pronouns” is a battle that we can never take too lightly.

It is a battle over truth. Over the power of language to dramatically impact cultures, values, and morals.

And it is a battle over our rights as individuals to hold fast to our beliefs and to practice our faith, no matter what anyone else demands we do.

When the progressive left demands we suspend reality to refer to someone as a member of the opposite sex, they are not simply demanding we be “tolerant,” they are demanding that we give up our beliefs for the sake of making someone else feel comfortable.

No genuine believer must ever allow themselves to be so easily swayed by the influence of the world, especially when it comes down to the words we use to describe the reality we perceive.

Men cannot be women and women cannot be men, and no matter how much they slander us, shout us down, or shove us out, we must never back down on this crucial truth.

Last year, we reported on the infuriating case of a Virginia high school French teacher who stood his ground when the school district insisted he refer to a transgender student by their “preferred pronoun.”

The teacher, Peter Vlaming, quite rightly believed that it would be a lie to refer to a female with a male pronoun, a belief which stems from his devout Christian faith.

This does not mean he hated anyone or believed that his student, who announced their “transition” over the summer before last school year, had “no right to exist,” as is often the charge.

As Vlaming said at the time while defending his right to speak truthfully, “My religious faith dictates that I am to love and respect everyone, whether I agree with them or not. Because we are all made in God’s image.”

This was never about hate.

As an American and a Christian, Vlaming has every legal right to adhere to his deeply-held beliefs in objective truth, and so, he’s suing the school district for his termination.

Caleb Dalton from the Alliance Defending Freedom, who is representing Vlaming told WRIC 8News: “He was really fired, not because of anything he did, but because of something he wouldn’t do. He wouldn’t violate his faith and the school district wasn’t able to compromise.”

Read the rest at: FIRED

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