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xFBI agent pulls back the curtain!

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One of the FBI’s most high-profile agents-turned-whistleblower took the FBI to task Friday for wasting millions of tax dollars to fight honest agents who call out the crooked Bureau.

Robyn Gritz is a retired FBI boss who is now suing her former employer after losing her job, the cost of telling the truth in the wayward FBI these days.

Gritz began Tweeting about her struggles with the FBI on Friday and we have compiled that string of these epic posts here:

From Gritz’s Twitter @vabelle2010, the links included are from her posts as well:

“Where are your tax dollars going? Continuous undermining of @POTUS , Congressional harassment and discrimination payoffs, IRS targeting of conservative groups, in the pockets of your representatives… All of this should concern you. But I have to bring up what I’m paying for… 

I am actually paying for the litigation war @FBI @TheJusticeDept have waged against me and other hardworking & ethical FBI agents, analysts and professional staff. I’m paying for the screwing over of myself. Wtf???

EEO (same) litigation out for years. I’m at 7 years 3 months. I have friends who have gone through this for 9-15 years. What is this costing the taxpayers? @LindseyGrahamSC @SenRonJohnson @ChuckGrassley @JusticeOIG

I don’t know how much but each & every action they take against me uses your tax dollars. Every day costs them, at a minimum, $476 in back wages. Every time they file a frivolous motion to dismiss, hundreds of not thousands of your dollars are used. Let me break this down: 

First, Can you imagine how many tax dollars are being wasted by not using my experience & specialized training, which tax dollars paid for? 

I read in an old article it was estimated to cost $1million per agent to complete Quantico & do their first 2 years in a field office. So many people want to know how much Congress pays out for harassment and discrimination cases. 

What needs to be exposed is the money spent by the FBI, not just in settlements but in how much manpower they use to retaliate, legal fees for their attorneys. Add in the bogus OPR internal investigations they wage against whistleblowers. 

In my case, they had a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) working my bogus & retaliatory OPR for over a year. What did that cost? 

Read the rest at: FBI AGENT

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