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Asylum seekers on hunger strike because they don’t like their FREE meals

A group of asylum seekers being housed at the expense of the British taxpayer in a Reading hotel have staged a hunger strike, protesting against the quality of the free food they are given.

One of the migrants leading the strike, Salahe Lakhdar, claimed that the food was unhealthy and the portions too small, leading to some of the migrants losing weight.

Lakhdar, who said he has been staying in the hotel for three months, told Sky News: “These people have been living in the hotel for nine months without going anywhere, without seeing any family, without seeing friends, without doing any activities.

“We know it’s bad for everyone, for UK residents, and we respect that and we wish them the very best and we hope this time passes soon — but it’s very bad for these people as well,” he suggested.

The 24-year-old migrant claimed some in the hotel have experienced medical issues as a result of the food, alleging that “many people” have gone to the hospital as a result of the food.

Lakhdar said he wants “some sign” from the government that their supposed plight has been heard, and that their asylum claims will be progressed.

Another unnamed migrant, who is staying in the hotel with her daughter said: “It’s been miserable… she hasn’t eaten healthy food for over five months — no vegetables, no fresh milk, no cheese, no egg, no fish. Imagine a kid who is growing and needs all this protein and calcium — she doesn’t get any of this.”

“For the first time in my whole life I’ve had suicidal thoughts… and there are so many suicidal people in the same place,” she added — suggesting her previous circumstances cannot have been that desperate.

Clearsprings Ready Homes, a firm that services migrant detention centres said that “Clearsprings ensures that where required, three meals a day are provided.

“The food service provided by our suppliers is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure what is provided meets the required standards and that feedback from our asylum seekers is taken into account as part of that review.”

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