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Black community speaking out AGAINST Critical Race Theory

A black woman spoke up at a School Board meeting in Beachwood, Ohio, to take issue with the board’s use of critical race and gender theory to divide families, pit students against their parents, and create a racist environment where none had existed before.

“If a lot more of the residents knew of the mess you’ve made of this school system via the curriculum as policy you would all probably lose your position in the district,” she said.

Through her required face mask, the woman identified herself as Ms. Taylor, a Beachwood resident for over 20 years, and said that she raised her children in the community. Her children are successful professionals.

She said that many school districts in Ohio “are now hiding their curriculum from its residents because they’re teaching students to become bigots toward their peers, adults, and law enforcement. Many school districts within this congressional district [Ohio-11] are on board for allocating funding and teaching young students the how-to about changing your gender, child pornography, and pedophilia, and where to find those websites, what sex toys to purchase, and how to use that which is purchased.”
The meeting was held on March 8, and followed the announcement by the Beachwood school district that March 11 would see students subjected to “mandatory” critical race training. Parents were urged to attend the preceding school board meeting, and they did.
“Parents are not being told that their child is being taught that at the school and the teachers and librarians are being exempted from criminal prosecution,” she said.
“Regarding the educational equity piece, it appears that the superintendent and you and school board members grew up so white that you don’t even know the damage that your decisions have caused previous, current, and future generations of Beachwood students whose parents just wanted them to qualify to attend great universities.
“Instead, you convince yourselves that blacks are oppressed and that it is your job to stop that oppression. How have you not looked at the results to realize that what you did was immoral and had the opposite effect?
“Within Beachwood Schools, black kids are turning against white people of all ages. And white kids are hating their parents and their success and their heritage and calling them racist only because you don’t understand the black race….”

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