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Dad has had enough of CRT lies

North Carolina father is fighting back against critical race theory being taught in his children’s schools, calling it a “big fat lie.”

“We’re raising our kids to be dynamic in so many ways,” Brian Echevarria, a business owner running for North Carolina General Assembly, told “The Faulkner Focus,” Friday.

“Then here comes the left telling them that they’re not dynamic. They can’t be. You’re black. You can’t do [it], and I think we’re all just tired of it.”

Echevarria delivered an angry speech Monday at a Cabarrus County School Board hearing that has gone viral.

He described himself as “bi-racial, bilingual, [and] multicultural” and said no school administrators or curriculum had the right to call him or his children “oppressed” based on the color of their skin.

The North Carolina parent continued to tell Fox News host Harris Faulkner that since his viral speech, he’s received “minimal” pushback.

The school board in North Carolina successfully passed a nondiscrimination resolution to cut off the teachings of critical race theory with “overwhelming support,” Echevarria mentioned.

“Somebody has to stand up here,” he told Faulkner.

Echevarria noted that parents are “the most powerful group in the country” who are “taking back the wheel” to drive policy changes nationwide.

“We’re taking back the wheel from government officials, from radical leftist, the media,” he said. “The fact is … every policy is a parenting issue…when you talk about CRT, when you talk about the taking away of liberties with mask mandates. That’s a parenting issue because we’re all wanting the world to be a great place for our children.”

He added that parents are “coming together in thought, not skin color.”

“[Parents are] seeing how [CRT] affect[s] our homes, the confidence of our children, the way they interact in the world they’re going to live in, and we’re taking back that wheel. We’re saying we’re going to live a life that we work for and provide a better one for our children. No one’s messing it up,” Echevarria concluded.

Story continues at: Dad goes off on CRT

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