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Trump Investigation Triggered By Bogus Phone Call Report From Trump to WaPo

President Trump recently raised questions about the integrity of the 2020 election when he called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and SOS Official Jordan Fuchs.

Subsequently, reports emerged that contradicted statements made by Fuchs to the Washington Post regarding the conversation.

Later, a recording of the call was discovered on her computer, leading some to question her credibility.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger’s office has come under scrutiny for secretly recording a phone call with President Trump and then allegedly lying about it to the Washington Post.

Subsequently, an anonymous source was revealed to be Jordan Fuchs, who provided the Washington Post with a fraudulent Trump quote that was used in an anti-Trump hit piece on January 9th.

This raises serious questions about the integrity of both the Secretary of State’s Office and The Washington Post.

Chairman of the Republican Party David Shafer has since revealed that they lied to the Washington Post about Trump demanding they “find the fraud.”

Additionally, it appears that after leaking their version of events to the Washington Post, they deleted audio evidence from a call between themselves and President Trump.

However, investigators were later able to locate the file in a laptop’s “trash” folder.

In February 2021, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis opened an investigation into President Trump’s call to Brad Raffensperger following the 2020 election that was misrepresented in a Washington Post article.

Activists from the state of Georgia have alleged that Fuchs, Raffensberger and the entire Secretary of State’s office were not cooperative during investigations after the contentious presidential election.

Records indicate that Fuchs had previously managed Raffensperger’s campaign for Secretary of State, raising valid questions about possible conflicts of interest.

Her investigation was ALL based on a lie by Fuchs and Raffensperger.

They knew the Fuchs lied. They indicted President Trump and 18 of his associates anyway.

ICYMI: President Trump, 18 Defendants Could Sue Georgia DA Willis For “Malicious Prosecution”



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