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Man Pummels 60-Year-Old New York Woman with Her Own Cane

Late last week, a particularly violent assault occurred in a Harlem subway station, leaving onlookers shocked and horrified.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on Friday, the New York Police Department reported that an incident occurred involving a 60-year-old woman walking near the West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue station; at which point, a homeless man physically assaulted her.

A local writer and activist managed to record the assault, which was subsequently obtained by the New York Post and described as “shocking.”

In the footage below, a deranged thug launches himself at the woman with an umbrella and the woman tries desperately to fend him off using her cane.

The man overpowered the woman and took her cane, causing her to fall to the ground in terror. He then proceeded to assault her with over 50 strikes of the cane across her body.

The suspect inflicted such a brutal beating on the innocent lady that the cane ended up breaking apart. His forcefulness was so great that his pants fell off.

The man severely beat her with his fists and kicking her motionless body repeatedly.

Despite the brutality of his attack, no bystanders intervened to help the poor woman. This speaks volumes about our society today, which has become increasingly lawless due to failed policies from radical Democrats in large cities across America.

Fortunately, the elderly woman is reported to have stabilized at a nearby hospital.

As of yet, no suspect is in custody and investigations are ongoing.

It remains unclear what sparked the assault in the first place.


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