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Navy Veteran Brutally Beaten While Walking Dog in Philly

Retired Navy Commander Scott Harris, aged 62, was out walking his dog – a rescue from Ukraine – in his neighborhood on Saturday night when he experienced a brutal attack.

Reports from NBC 10 indicate that at least one person attacked him from behind, knocking him unconscious and stealing his wallet.

Harris was later treated at a local hospital for a brain injury, broken teeth, and swelling and bruising to the face and at least 100 stitches.

Harris told Fox 29, “There was a large party going on across the street, that in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have walked near, and the next thing I remember, I’m in the emergency room because I kind of just blacked out after that.”The New York Post reports:

A security camera outside Harris’ apartment captured a group of good Samaritans walking Harris and Nora back to his home after the attack, where his partner was waiting for him.

“They brought him back, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened,” Joseph Hurchick told Fox 29. “We were on the stoop and he was just bleeding, I was on the phone with 911, I didn’t know where the blood was coming from, I didn’t know if he was stabbed.”

“Thank God, you know, there are good people,” Harris told the outlet. “And maybe they’re mixed up with some people that aren’t so nice. And they just saw a human being in need and brought me back safely.”

Harris told Fox 29, “I did a year in a war zone in Iraq, did two years in Ukraine, and would not have expected this to happen in my own neighborhood.”

This is the new America under Joe Biden.

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