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Investigation Reveals Hamas Terrorists Offered $10,000 and an Apartment to Those Who Brought Hostages Back to Gaza

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The Shin Bet security service and Police force of Israel have jointly interrogated six Hamas terrorists from Gaza who are believed to have been involved in the destruction and mass murder that occurred on October 7, 2023.

Analysis of the footage from the interrogation has revealed deeply concerning details about the methods used by these terrorists.

Common themes among them included an incentive structure for kidnappings, with a reward of $10,000 and an apartment promised if a hostage could be brought back to Gaza.

Furthermore, they were instructed to target vulnerable members of society such as the elderly, women and children – all in violation of international law and human rights.

The level of brutality described by the terrorists was shocking; they were ordered to “clean the houses” by abducting civilians mercilessly, even shooting their pets without hesitation.

Moreover, they admitted to taking selfies with a 15-year-old girl they had kidnapped and showed no remorse for reshotting victims after death.

Further investigations also found that senior commanders of Hamas’ military wing (MP rank and above) stayed behind in hiding while sending their men out to fight or be arrested in Israel.

Listen to their testimonies below:

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