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Israeli Forces Eliminate Hamas Terror Mastermind Asem Abu Rakaba

On Saturday, three weeks following the Hamas massacre of Jews inside Israel, Asem Abu Rakaba, the leader responsible for planning the attack on October 7 and commander of Hamas’ paraglider units who targeted a music festival in southern Israel, was eliminated. On that day, terrorists flew paragliders into the Nova dance party and killed nearly 300 people out of 3,600 attendees at around 6:30 AM.

Additionally, they sexually assaulted numerous young women and kidnapped numerous others whose whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

In response to this atrocity, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel would withhold electricity and water from Gaza until all prisoners – over 220 – are repatriated by their captors.

Young Israelis party on Saturday morning as Hamas fighters fly paragliders in the background to the concert to kill them.

One image released after the deadly Hamas attack depicts one of its militants carrying an AK47 as they infiltrated the gathering of people.

This was a premeditated and calculated assault, utilizing sniper rifles, unmanned aerial vehicles, paraglider equipment, and rocket launchers to carry out their heinous plot against innocent youth.

Such a heinous war crime has instigated shockwaves throughout civilized society.

An Islamist terrorist with a Kalashnikov rifle on the festival site: Barbarians like him murdered hundreds of defenseless civilians, abused women and kidnapped innocent Israelis into the Gaza Strip Photo: X and Bild

There was a chaotic scene when Hamas allegedly initiated an attack on the gathering. Hundreds of Israelis had to flee into the desert for safety. Reports have surfaced that 40 young women may have been forcibly taken back to Gaza, and they are still unaccounted for.

ICYMI: Investigation Reveals Hamas Terrorists Offered $10,000 and an Apartment to Those Who Brought Hostages Back to Gaza

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