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Kari Lake Files Candidacy Paperwork for Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Seat in 2024

On Monday, Kari Lake officially filed paperwork with the FEC to run for Arizona’s US Senate seat in 2024. Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who played a role in Lake’s stolen election, commented that she “wouldn’t rationally run for election in 2024” if she thought the elections were corrupt.

This is why they steal elections: to disenfranchise voters and stop good candidates from facing off against the system.

This is also why judges sanction and fine candidates and their attorneys for challenging stolen elections in court.

Kari Lake has already been leading in numerous polls and is a clear favorite in the Republican Primary, with polls showing her 28 points ahead of her closest RINO competitor.

After teasing a potential Senate run in a video and announcing an upcoming rally where she will make a “HUGE announcement” next Tuesday, Lake has officially filed for candidacy.

She hopes to take on the “swamp” by challenging election results in court and ensuring that any candidate or attorney found guilty of doing so is sanctioned or fined.

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Lake told reporters on Monday, “Arizona has two terrible options running for Senate right now: Ruben Gallego, an unhinged Marxist who believes that border security is racist and walked out on his first wife when she was nine months pregnant; and Kyrsten Sinema, who claims to be an Independent but votes with Biden more often than Bernie Sanders does. She prefers Davos and the World Economic Forum to Arizona and the grassroots.”

Lake’s “Announcement Rally” on Tuesday will be held at Jetset Magazine, 15220 N 75th St in Phoenix, Arizona 85260.

Lake also said on social media, “I can’t wait to LAUNCH our movement into the future with all of you!”

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