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Reporter Owen Shroyer Drops Video on X as He Prepares to Enter Prison Today

In September 2020, War Room host and Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was sentenced to 60 days in prison by a DC court for his actions on January 6, 2020 and before.

Shroyer had been standing outside the Capitol warning Trump supporters NOT to enter the building.

He did not engage in any violence but merely was exercising his right to free speech. However, due to his outspokenness against the alleged stolen election of 2020, DOJ prosecutors sought prison time against him and the DC Judge agreed.

This reveals an alarming level of silencing dissent within our nation’s capital – one which should be condemned as inappropriate behavior from a self-proclaimed democratic government.

Here is Owen’s message to supporters today as he prepares to serve time for offensive speech.

Owen Schroyer here, and I am about to turn myself in to be a speech prisoner in Biden’s America.

Unfortunately, we knew that things would get this bad. Unfortunately, we knew the Democrats were this corrupt, and now I have to hit the front lines and be a speech prisoner in Biden’s America. And as I go, I am currently involved in litigation to try to get my original Twitter account back @AllIDoIsOwen where I had over 300,000 followers, but I’ve been censored there for years.

So in the meantime, while I’m away, I’ve launched this Twitter account @OwenSchroyer1776. It’s actually run by a media team. It’s not run by me, but my media team, who will be giving you updates while I’m incarcerated, daily updates while I’m incarcerated, sharing old video clips, new video clips, and as well as phone audio recordings and maybe even live recordings while I’m away.

So please follow this account @OwenSchroyer1776 for updates while I’m away and spread this video far and wide to let others know. Hey, Owen Troyer is back on Twitter. Right here @OwenSchroyer1776.

And that year, 1776, is extremely important, not just because it was the founding year of our country, but the US. Government is arguing that it’s illegal for me to say 1776 in Washington, DC.

Don’t believe me? Check the US. Government sentencing memo for yourself.

They said that me chanting 1776 in Washington, Ten, DC. is worthy of 60 days in prison. So it’s @OwenShroyer1776.

Please share this video, let people know I’m back on Twitter, and follow this account for updates while I’m away. God speed and God bless.

** You can donate to Owen Shroyer here to help pay his bills while he serves his time as a political prisoner.

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