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Secret Service Investigates Maine Veteran After Allegedly Joking About Biden Wearing ‘Depends’

Based on recent exclusive findings by The Daily Signal, the Secret Service initiated an inquiry into a Maine man, an Army veteran who displayed an “unusual interest” in the Biden family.

Retired Secret Service agent John Mazza led the investigation, which began in July 2022 following concerning comments made by the man on Twitter.

The agency launched a preliminary protective intelligence investigation focusing on the veteran due to one or more of his tweets.

As per the documents obtained by The Daily Signal, the Secret Service was alarmed by the individual’s statements showing an uncommon fascination with the Biden Family, initially not knowing his identity.

One of the man’s posts that caught the agency’s attention suggested, apparently jokingly, that he planned to “invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his ‘Depends,’” referring to a brand of adult diapers.

However, the Secret Service did not identify any actual threats of violence against the president or his family in the man’s social media activity. Instead, his comments appeared to be in the form of jokes and criticism of the Biden family.

Despite finding no credible threats from the man, the Secret Service extended its investigation beyond the preliminary stage, according to the news outlet.

“Eventually, the Secret Service sought the results of an interview with the Maine man, a photo of him, more results from corroborating interviews, investigative notes, and two different official forms used by the agency. It is not clear whether the Secret Service ever interviewed the Army veteran or conducted the corroborating interviews,” according to The Daily Signal.

Surprisingly, the contact details of the lead investigator, John Mazza, were discovered in the contact records stored on Hunter Biden’s infamous discarded laptop.

Mazza, who has since retired, had previously been part of the Secret Service unit responsible for safeguarding the vice president during Biden’s tenure from 2009 to 2017, along with certain members of the vice president’s family.

The presence of Mazza’s contact information on Hunter Biden’s laptop has raised questions about the potential connections between the Secret Service and the Biden family.

A former Secret Service agent interviewed by The Daily Signal described the situation as “extremely irregular.” 

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