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Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars

I had the great fortune of receiving an advanced copy of Jason Mattera’s new book Crapitalism, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jason Mattera has made a name for himself as a political “confrontation” expert. Conservatives love him for his willingness to ask hard questions of the politicians who survive and thrive by avoiding hard questions. He is as rough and tumble as his big city background suggests – but underneath it all he does what he does because he cares. He cares about America and he cares about us… which is why Crapitalism is the must-read book of the fall.

Being as connected to politics and the Internet as someone who runs a website should be, I often get into conversations/debates about capitalism. Oftentimes, what I find is that people who hate on capitalism… don’t really know what capitalism is. Most of the time what they actually object to is “Crony Capitalism.”

This is exactly the subject that Mattera takes on in his new book – and he does it in a way that is easy to understand and accessible for just about anyone.

From the intro:

crapitalism“Capitalism kicks ass, Crapitalism sucks.

Capitalism and the free market generate jobs… Crapitalism has taken the greatest economic system ever known to man and sullied it…

But what Americans don’t love – what they loathe, in fact – are well=connected crony capitalists who make millions by picking taxpayers’ pockets…

When cronyism collides with capitalism you get… Crapitalism.”

Mattera then takes 250 pages to introduce you to a virtual Murderer’s Row of villainous Crapitalists. Liberal men and women who make money by rigging the system and buying off politicians instead of working hard to create products and services that consumers want to purchase.

This book is perfect for High School age kids who should be taught the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism before they reach college. It’s also perfect for college kids who are being inundated with liberal talking points while having conservative economic perspectives demonized at every turn. It’s perfect for stay-at-home moms and professional men and women. It’s great for liberals and conservatives and for the politically unaffiliated (and politically uncaring).

Jason Mattera is a good writer who easily connects with his readers. The writing is witty, and the difficult to understand economic issues are made clear by Mattera’s real world examples and terminology.

Perhaps the best thing about this book is that someone with a busy lifestyle can pick it up and read it at their own pace. The book is broken down, chapter-style by Crapitalist offender. (For example Chapter 2 is Representative Maxine Waters and Chapter 9 is Jay-Z.) So there is no shame for the busy professional or soccer mom who reads one chapter today and one chapter next month.

Folks, believe me when I say that this book is well worth your time and well worth your money.

Crapitalism: Liberals who make Millions Swiping your Tax Dollars comes out Tuesday October 7th — make sure you grab your copy quick! In fact, grab a few copies and give them to your friends.

If we don’t defend capitalism, who will? The hacks in the mainstream media? Don’t bet on it…

You can learn more about Jason Mattera at his website, the Daily Surge.

You can see more of his books here, at

Editors Note: This article is reprinted from courtesy Onan Coca via Liberty Alliance


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