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Protests Erupt After Father Arrested For Defending Son From Attackers With A Shovel

On September 28, a 13-year-old boy, whose identity the New York Post has withheld (hereafter referred to as Brian), was playing basketball with his friends at Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, NY, when two classmates attempted to join their game.

After an altercation ensued, one of the attackers called family members for help.

Two cellphone videos allegedly show what happened next: In one video, a larger and bearded male is seen knocking down Brian in a red jacket and kicking him before another attacker kicks him too.

The second video shows a bystander attempting to break up the attack only for the same larger man to slam Brian into a fence on the sidewalk.


The assailant fled the scene but reportedly showed up two days later at Brian’s home along with a group armed with baseball bats and allegedly yelling anti-Asian slurs.

An ensuing shouting match turned violent as objects were swung and punches thrown.

Police arrested Hassan Saab, 24, for attacking Brian on both occasions and charged him with assault, possession of weapons, and harassment charges; however they also arrested Brian’s father after Saab claimed he had hit him with a shovel resulting in bruises on his arm.

In response to these events, hundreds of people gathered outside PS 264 in Bay Ridge on Wednesday to protest against bullying and call for justice by demanding maximum charges against Saab and dropping the charges against Brian’s father who they believe acted out of self-defense while protecting his home from potential threats.

Democratic state Senator Iwen Chu was present at this rally voicing her support for the family by emphasizing that “our children’s safety cannot be compromised” and stressing that such behavior needs to face consequences.

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